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Planning on selling your old laptop computer online? Then you are better off with a buyback program that offers the most cash for your device.

Here at Buyback Boss, we have designed our buyback program to help simplify your trade-in experience and walk you through the process of getting the highest monetary value for your laptop computer.

Here’s how to go about it: specify the details of your laptop computer, including its make or model, cosmetic condition, and battery condition,  in an online form. Once you do, we will send you a custom quote, and if you accept, you will be on the right track to getting the most money for your laptop.

Even if you have a faulty, dysfunctional, or completely broken model, we will still offer you a fair price. You don’t need to schedule a meeting with prospective buyers or create an online listing to sell your laptop.

To crown it all, you will get your payment in full without having to deal with any hidden charges or shipping costs.


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How to Sell Your Laptop


Complete Our Form to Get a Custom Offer

Buyback Boss will send you a custom cash offer when you note down your laptop’s basic details, specifications, and conditions in an online form. It doesn’t take long; just select the most appropriate answers from the drop-down list, and we will tell you how much your laptop is worth.


Send in Your Laptop

If our offer meets your expectation, accept it, and the next thing is to package your laptop for shipping. Don’t worry, we will bear all shipping costs, and we won’t remove a dime from your payout! You will be prompted to print out a prepaid shipping label for your laptop, and this qualifies you for our free shipping service. You will also be assigned a unique online tracking number to help determine the exact location of your laptop while in transit.


Get Your Money via Check or PayPal

Once your laptop is in our custody, we will inspect thoroughly to verify all claims. Once done, we will send your money immediately via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Best Price Guarantee

Sell your laptop to Buyback Boss and enjoy our Best Price Guarantee on every completed order. Perhaps you find a better offer for your exact laptop model on our competitor’s website, send us a direct email, and we will update your offer to reflect the new price.


14-Day Price Lock

Take advantage of our 14-day Price Lock feature and back up your vital documents and files while you prepare your laptop for shipping. The moment you complete an order process, we will lock in the price for 14 days.


Excellent Customer Service

Want to make inquiries, lodge complaints, or seek help? Our customer service team is up and doing, and they are ready to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless trade in experience when you sell your laptop to us.


100% Free Shipping

Why pay more money in charges when you should be getting the most cash for your laptop computer? At Buyback Boss, we cover all shipping costs and will not charge a dime for any of our services.


Fast Payment

Getting paid for your laptop computer doesn’t have to take forever. After all, one of the reasons why you decided to sell it online is to raise fast cash for your pressing needs.

At Buyback Boss, we have put in place some of the fastest payment processors in the industry to guarantee swift payment at all times.


Trusted by over 50000 customers

Trade-in your laptop for cash and join an unending list of our happy customers, who have trusted us with over 50,000 orders and counting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Laptop Worth?

Your laptop is only worth as much as the details you specified in the online form. New laptops in good condition will attract better pay than old, cracked, or completely broken laptop computers. You have nothing to worry about anyways, as you stand a chance to get a nice payout when you trade-in with Buyback Boss.

Before we are able to tell how much we will pay for your laptop, we will require you to answer a few quick questions to help us determine the best price for your device. 

Can I sell a broken Laptop?

Yes. Buyback Boss buys just any type of laptop from all walks of life. You can sell laptops with cracked screens, water damage, or other issues.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Laptop?

By all indications, you will be getting the most value in cash for your laptop computer when you sell it to a buyback program.

Aside from that, you won’t have to go through all the hassle of haggling over the right price for you, creating an online listing, setting up meetings with buyers. Also, most buyback programs will cover the costs of shipping your device, which means you go home with your full payment at the end of the day.

Does the Offer Come With any Guarantee?

Yes, it does! Buyback Boss offers a 14-day Price Lock guarantee on every completed order. During this time, you get to own your laptop for a few days and still get the exact price at the point of sale regardless of the market changes.

We also offer a Price Match guarantee. So if you come across a better price on our competitor’s platform, contact us immediately, and we will upgrade your offer.

How do I Ship my Laptop for Free?

Once you accept our custom offer, simply and proceed to checkout, we will provide you with a unique prepaid shipping label for your laptop. Print out this lake and attach it firmly to your packaging box. After we must have received your laptop and verified all claims, we will send your money immediately.

How Will I get my Payment?

We will send your money via Cheque or PayPal. Just select the one that works best for you and expect your payout to come in promptly at all times.

Do I have to sell my Laptop if I get a quote?

We will make you a custom quote, but we will never force you to sell your laptop if you think otherwise.

Nonetheless, it is mandatory that you complete the checkout process to qualify for our 14 days Price Lock feature.