Sell Kyocera DuraXV

If your Kyocera DuraXV has defied all its capabilities to cause you problems, perhaps it’s trying to give you a few pointers, including the option of selling it for some bucks. At Buyback Boss, we can help with that and don’t care if your Kyocera DuraXV is damaged or broken beyond recognition. There’s still something salvageable about it, and we’re willing to explore the option of paying you money representing good value for it. It’s your choice to make, but we won’t disappoint you!

Buyback Boss makes every step just as easy for you. For instance, you can begin by giving us some vital information about your Kyocera DuraXV on an online form and wait for our quoted price. When you get it and accept it, then we can do a trade-in.

Our platform is your prime example of how a buyback service should be run. In addition, you can sell multiple devices to us along with your Kyocera DuraXV.

Kyocera DuraXV

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How to Sell Your Kyocera DuraXV


Get a Custom Price Quote

The custom price quote you’ll receive from Buyback Boss is unique to the specifications of your Kyocera DuraXV. You’ll get the quote once we have it assessed by our team.


Ship Your Kyocera DuraXV

Does our offer fit your ideals? Accept it and insert your Kyocera DuraXV into a box so that it’s ready for shipping. Our program has a policy of covering your shipping costs irrespective of the state and model of your Kyocera DuraXV. What makes you eligible to use our free shipping service is the prepaid shipping label you’re going to attach to the box before sending it to us. An online tracking number will help you monitor your Kyocera DuraXV.


Get Paid

Our payouts will reach you as soon as we are done inspecting your Kyocera DuraXV. Payout is made through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Easy and Convenient

We doubt that there’s a better service or platform that can boast our ease and convenience of doing business. We are all out to add value in terms of the experiences you have while selling your Kyocera DuraXV to us.


No Hidden Charges or Transaction Fees

We are very plain and straight to the point about our offers. As such, Buyback Boss is never associated with hidden charges or dubious transaction fees. We only look forward to paying you!


100% Free Shipping

We make you eligible for our free shipping service when you get our prepaid label for your Kyocera DuraXV. No shipping fees are allowed here.


Sell Multiple Devices

It’s okay to have a few used devices in your home. What you can do is group them all together, and we will pay you a bigger Check for them!


Speedy Payouts

Our payouts are so fast you wouldn’t have to wait for hours to get it. The same thing applies when you want to sell your Kyocera DuraXV to us.


Safe and Secure

We operate a buyback program with top-notch safety and security standards that set the pace for the rest. So you don’t have to worry about getting compromised or exposed to con artists. Trade-in for your Kyocera DuraXV will be smooth all the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Kyocera DuraXV?

We will let you know what your Kyocera DuraXV is worth after observing certain aspects like its condition, specifications, and how long you’ve used it. Then comes the part where we tell you what it’s currently worth.

Do have it in mind that newer Kyocera DuraXV devices in good working condition will sell for more than used or broken models. But you can always count on Buyback Boss to give you the best price either way. 

Is it a good time to sell my Kyocera DuraXV?

Perhaps you want to hold it for a few more years, but all the problems keep reminding you that you can trade it in for some cash while it still has value. Well, the voice of reason says it’s time to sell to Buyback Boss.

How does the Buyback Boss program compare to others?

The program we run on Buyback Boss is definitely top of the list of similar programs. Put this down to the experienced hands we have, our smooth-running services, and other benefits. We’re the team seated at the top!

Can I sell a broken Kyocera DuraXV?

Many customers wonder whether there’s a limit to what we can buy. This is because we take almost any device and pay for it. So if your Kyocera DuraXV is broken, it’s not a hindrance!

Am I going to pay for shipping my Kyocera DuraXV?

This is a 100% free shipping service you become eligible for as long as you’re selling your Kyocera DuraXV to Buyback Boss.

How will I get paid for my Kyocera DuraXV?

Check or PayPal. These are the options you have. Either way, the payout for your Kyocera DuraXV is going to come in pretty fast!