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Sell iPod

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Sell iPod

Get Cash for Your iPod

The Apple iPod was a game-changer when it was first released. Never before had consumers been able to get their hands on a pocket-sized device that didn’t just play their music—it played it extremely well. Until the iPod, touting a CD player or mini-disc player was the norm. Between being a bit too large to fit into a normal front pocket and their issues with skipping when jostled too hard, it was refreshing to have a new alternative that fixed all of the problems of the CD. At the time, most mp3 player were cumbersome and didn’t do their job well—they were riddled with software and hardware problems and complicated to use. When the iPod came out, all of that changed.

Today, iPods resemble smartphones more than they do mp3 players. But they’re still a useful way to play music when you don’t want to enlist your phone. However, a lot of us have tucked them away in favor of using our smartphones—our phones can do everything that an iPod can do and more. If you’re iPod is sitting under your bed collecting dust, don’t forget that you can trade it in for some cash.

Buyback programs like Buyback Boss aren’t just interested in your smartphones and tablets. They’ll also take your iPod off your hands and exchange it for cold, hard cash. If you’re not using your iPod, why not trade it in via an iPod buyback program and get some money out of it? It’s better than letting it sit around until you find it while packing for your next move. And trading in your iPod is way better than simply tossing it into the trash.

Which iPods Models Can I Sell?

While your first-generation click wheel iPod may have some historical significance to the right hobbyist, it’s not going to be able to be traded in for cash via an iPod buyback program. But if you have a newer generation iPod on your hands, most companies will be interested in giving you cash for it. For instance, Buyback Boss will take the following units:


iPod Touch (6th Generation)

Also known as the iPod Touch 6G, this was a major update to the 5th generation iPod Touch and the first major update to the brand in over 2 years. It was available in gold, silver, space gray, pink, blue, and Product Red. Most buyback programs will offer up to $90.00 for this device.


iPod Touch (5th Generation)

The 5th generation iPod Touch was also known as the iPod Touch 5G and came out alongside the iPhone 5 back in September 2012. It was slimmer, lighter and had a higher resolution 4-inch screen. At the time of its unveiling, it was a powerhouse mp3 player. These days, it’s not so special. But if you have a 5th generation iPod Touch then you can get up to $30.00 via trade-in.


iPod Nano (7th Generation)

The iPod Nano line was a creative endeavor by Apple to dive back into creating an ultra-portable and streamlined mp3 player for budget-conscious folks. It was a great accessory for the gym or to take with you on a road trip, as the expense of the unit was low and it was a simple and hardy device. It came in space gray, gold, silver, pink, blue and Product Red. If you’ve got one of these sitting inside your glove compartment, then you might as well trade it in. You can get up to $40.00 for your efforts.

How do I Use a Buyback Program?

All buyback programs operate in their own way, but they mostly all share the same model. In the case of Buyback Boss, the process couldn’t be any easier. In just 3 steps you can declutter your life and get some cash in the process:

Get an Instant Offer

Go to Buyback Boss and use their instant offer questionnaire. Ensure you fill out their form truthfully and accurately. It’s a simple process that’ll take you less than 5 minutes to complete. When you’re done, you’ll receive an instant offer for your old iPod.

Pack Your iPod for Shipping

Find an old Amazon box that roughly fits the dimensions of your iPod. Cram the box full of old newspaper, bubble wrap, or whatever else you have on hand that’ll work as sufficient padding. Don’t forget to wipe your iPod and wrap it in some of your padding before packing it. Tape up the box and give it a hardy shake—if it doesn’t rattle or move around then you’re good to go. Print out the prepaid shipping label provided by Buyback Boss and slap it on the box. Lastly, take it to your nearest package store to ship out.

Get Cash

Sit back and relax—you might be surprised by the ease in which you’ve completed your end of the process. Allow your package to be delivered and wait a couple more days. Soon enough, you’ll get confirmation from Buyback Boss and get your cash. It really is that easy!

Will Buyback Programs Take a Broken iPod?

You may have an iPod that has seen better days. Maybe it’s dented or has a cracked screen. If it’s just light cosmetic damage, then you’ll probably still get a little bit of cash. After all, something is better than nothing. But if your iPod is significantly damaged, you’ll probably get a $1 offer, which is still better than nothing!

Why Would I Trade in an iPod?

Buyback programs like Buyback Boss are a great way to recycle your old device. Even if your iPod has looked better, there are still components inside that can be salvaged or, at the very least, recycled. Most of all, your iPod has inside of it a lithium battery that is very volatile and toxic. Sending your device to a buyback program, even if it’s only going to net you $1, is still a great way to be an environmentally-conscious consumer. The program will ensure that your device is recycled responsibly. Simply throwing away your old iPod isn’t just bad for the environment—it’s dangerous.

Ready to Sell Your iPod?

The truth is—you’re never going to use that iPod again if it’s been sitting in your drawer for the past 3 months. Rather than feel bad about discarded a once-loved piece of technology, think about trading it in for cash. If you enlist the services of a buyback program you’ll be helping the environment, decluttering, and getting cash all at the same time.