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Sell iPhone X

Why Should You Sell Your iPhone X?

Ever since its release, the iPhone X has stirred up a lot of excitement from Apple lovers as well as widespread criticism from a lot of Apple pessimists. Above all, the iPhone X is a spectacular device and still stands firm at the top of the Apple smartphone hill. However, after it has been discontinued and superseded by the newer iPhone XS models, your iPhone X is now a generation behind, and you may start making plans to sell it online and upgrade to the latest iPhone models.

For some users, the unsightly notch at the top of the phone interferes with the phone’s overall look and feel and ruin the immersive experience feature of an edge-to-edge display. If you are part of the consumers who still cannot bring themselves to accept the ridiculous notch that dips down the phone’s display, then you can sell your iPhone X online and make enough cash to get a new phone that offers a fully immersive experience.

Many consumers believe the omission of some handy and reliable features like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the physical home button that make the Apple iPhone series very easy to use is a step taken too far, especially when they have yet to come to terms with the replacement of the battery-friendly 3.5mm headphone jack with the pricey Apple Airpods. If you would rather have the convenient and easy to use physical features like the Home Button-cum-Fingerprint Scanner and the Headphone jack than the Face ID and the expensive wireless Airpods, then it’s high time you sold your iPhone X online and get a new phone.

Like the iPhone 8 series, the iPhone X features an all-glass design that makes it susceptible to smudges and cracks. Of course, the iPhone X glass is durable but not durable enough to withstand “everyday” damage just as it seems Apple sacrificed the phone’s durability in favor of the new all-glass design. Replacing the iPhone X’s thinner, Super Retina OLED display will most definitely cost you a fortune, and you may have to sell your iPhone X online to avoid the heart-breaking experience that follows a cracked phone.

How to Sell Your iPhone X Online

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About the iPhone X

Ever since the iPhone X was unmasked in 2017 at a media conference organized by Apple at its Cupertino headquarters, the phone has set a new standard for the design of the subsequent Apple iPhone models.

The iPhone X is a huge leap from the dull and aging design of the previous iPhone models. From the build quality to the components, everything about the iPhone X screams premium and offers an all-new user experience that embodies what the Cupertino brand has been trying to achieve for the past ten years.

The iPhone X is all shades of beauty through and through. It pioneered the era of OLED display on the iPhone series and come equipped with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge all-screen Super Retina Display that exudes vivid quality color reproduction and beauty that has never been seen on any iPhone before. Apple completely eradicated the huge top and bottom bezels from the iPhone X to make for a bigger display than the Plus-sized iPhone series. Users who have found the palm-busting size of the Plus-sized iPhone models will appreciate the design changes as the iPhone X will fit in their pockets, all thanks to its small chassis.

With the iPhone X, Apple replaced the Touch ID fingerprint unlock feature with a new Face ID feature that uses advanced facial recognition technology via its True Depth camera system to unlock your phone and make secure payments online. The True Depth camera is packed with a host of hi-tech sensors, cameras and a vast number of invisible dots to help capture a 3D map of your face and transform it into an encrypted facial data. For a relatively new technology, the Face ID feature works as advertised, and adjusts to some unfavorable lighting conditions and changes in looks and appearances to ensure you are able to unlock your phone, authorize purchases online, and sign in to our favorite apps.      

It has a super sharp 2436 x 1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi and comes with Apple’s unique True Tone feature that automatically adjusts the phone’s display and color temperature to blend perfectly with the lighting conditions of the surrounding area. The iPhone X is also equipped with some new and advanced sensors that are integrated into a small black space at the top of the phone’s screen called “The Notch.” 

The camera aspect is something that the Apple iPhones hold a lot of sway over, and the iPhone X continues the tradition. With a vertically arranged dual-lens 12-megapixel back camera and a True Depth 7-megapixel front-facing camera for taking excellent photos and shooting high-quality 4K videos in almost all lighting conditions, the iPhone X boasts of a fantastic camera quality that only very few smartphones could match at the time.

The iPhone X retains the wireless charging feature of the iPhone 8 series and features a powerful and super-fast six-core A11 Bionic processor with an upgraded Graphics Processing Unit that can handle all your intensive computing- and graphics-intensive tasks seamlessly.