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Sell iPhone 5C

Thinking About Selling Your iPhone 5C?

The iPhone 5C was a major development in the iPhone timeline, as it was the long awaited “affordable, low-cost” iPhone that had many rumored for many years. The iPhone 5C was offered by all major carriers at substantially lowered prices than the iPhone 5S. It also brought back some of that old Apple iPod flair by offering a variety of colors. The iPhone 5C was created to make the iPhone and Apple products more accessible to a larger number of consumers, and it did just that by surpassing XX number of units sold in the first XX months of being on the. Market.

The most identifiable characteristic of the iPhone 5C is the hard-coated polycarbonate casing that came in blue, pink, yellow, green and white. This casing is extremely durable and makes it a great option for those who are prone to dropping their phones! After the initial release of the iPhone 5C, Apple also released an 8GB variant that further dropped its price relative to the 5S. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5C does not have the same robust processing capabilities as other variants in the 5 categories. The polycarbonate casing and a lot less processing power are the primary reasons why Apple and mobile carriers could offer the iPhone 5C at such a low price.

Despite the new features on the iPhone 5C, it ultimately did not sell as well as Apple would have hoped. Apple anticipated that sales for the iPhone 5C were going to be tremendously higher than the iPhone 5S. In fact, the exact opposite is what happened. Apple ended up with an overstock of the iPhone 5C and huge backorders for the iPhone 5S. The decision to develop a low-cost iPhone, with considerably less features, ended up being a costly one for Apple.

Time to Sell Your iPhone 5C

There could be any number of reasons why you would want to sell you iPhone 5C! Maybe you are looking to upgrade to a newer version of iPhone? Or maybe you’ve decided to move to an Android device? The iPhone 5C is over three years old at this point and is a dated smartphone. You’ll certainly be able to get a lot more capabilities with the newer iPhones. Right now, it’s fairly common to sell your iPhone to upgrade to a later model.

The most likely reason you want to sell your iPhone 5C is because it has sustained some unfortunate damage. This is most often a cracked screen or the resulting damage from water exposure. Devices that have a cracked screen still have a very high resale value, since the screen is such a small component of the iPhone. However, if the LCD or touchscreen is damaged, this will significantly lower the value of your device. If your iPhone 5C has been exposed to a significant amount of water, there is a really good chance that the LCD or other critical components have been damaged.