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Selling an iMac can be hard.

They are huge, for one thing. So even when you find someone that may want to buy it, you have to pay who knows how much money to ship it.

Nobody likes forking over cash for shipping, especially not when trying to sell iMac’s.

That’s why we created an easy process for you to sell your iMac (oh yeah, and we cover your shipping 100% too).

We have an instant quoting process on our site that instantly offers you a price for your old iMac.

The best part? The price you see on the screen is the price you will actually get.

Wanting to sell broken iMac’s? We have you covered there, too.

Perhaps you are busy the next few days and won’t have a chance to ship until the next week.

No problem.

Our 14-Day price lock has your back.

As long as we receive your iMac within 14-Days, your price quote is completely guaranteed.

Oh, and did we mention the customer experience ninjas we have on staff?

“Ninjas?” you ask.

Well, okay, not actual ninjas, but they are so good at their jobs you may think they are sometimes.

Literally, these people will do anything to make sure you have a great experience when you sell your iMac.
Even if you aren’t looking to sell an iMac and just have questions about something, we will help you out anyways!

The best part of all of this? We offer the best prices around. So when you sell your iMac with Buyback Boss, you know you are receiving top dollar.