Sell GoPro

GoPros are known to be waterproof. Of course, for a certain level of water depth. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t get broken or damaged. Whatever the case, the one you have now can be sold online for some cash on Buyback Boss. We understand that a GoPro doesn’t come cheaply. In line with that, it’s up to us to give you a fair quote on what we think it’s worth and subsequently pay you for it.

To begin with, there’s a form on our website you can fill out with information about your GoPro. This makes you open to our custom offer on its worth. When you get the offer and take it, Buyback Boss will help you enjoy every part of the trade-in process, see.

Buyback Boss, like other programs, has many advantages, including the fact that you get to sell multiple devices to us for an even bigger Check. It’s entirely safe to use, and we are very much interested in paying you for your GoPro.


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How to Sell Your GoPro


Get a Custom Cash Offer on Your GoPro

A custom cash offer on your GoPro will surface very quickly and immediately after you tell us about your device on a form for that purpose.


Ship Your GoPro

If you like the offer for your GoPro, accept it and then place it in a package and get it ready to be shipped to us at Buyback Boss. Further, it’s our duty to cover the cost of shipping irrespective of the condition, model, and capabilities of your GoPro. A prepaid shipping label, as a matter of fact, means you’re qualified to use our free shipping service. You’ll attach it to the packed GoPro and send it to us. To keep tabs on your device, there’s a tracking number you can use online.


Get Your Payout

Buyback Boss receives your GoPro and inspects it. When everything flows with the information you provided, we issue your payout via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Our prices are that good and easily beat other programs. Yet, we understand that other programs might match up to what we offer. If they do, simply email us directly, and we’ll quickly update the offer on your GoPro.


Very Fast Online Offers

We will give you a very quick custom quote for your device when you follow the checkout process. This way, you immediately learn what your GoPro is worth.


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team is organized and dedicated to helping you at every step of the trade-in. We take pride in answering each of your questions about your GoPro and also on how we operate.


Free Shipping on All Orders

It doesn’t matter how many devices you want to sell. Shipping them and your GoPro to Buyback Boss is totally free.


Speedy Payouts

Getting a very fast cash alert for your GoPro is a guarantee. It’s a fact that Buyback Boss is a leader in speedy payout delivery.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

You can perform every step of the transaction from the comfort of your home. We don’t need to meet up publicly, and you’re afforded a tracking number to ensure your GoPro gets to Buyback Boss without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my GoPro worth?

Your GoPro device is most probably new, used, or broken, so we have to evaluate it based on these conditions and a few other factors.

Usually, newer GoPro devices in excellent working conditions will fetch you the most money, compared to used, old, and broken models. You shouldn’t fret though, as we will still pay you a fair amount of money. Just indicate the condition of your device in our online form, and we will give you a befitting price quote.

Can I sell a broken GoPro?

Of course! We buy GoPro’s and other devices in whatever condition, including those with cracked, chipped, or water-damaged frames and lenses.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my GoPro?

Do we sound biased? This is because it is our opinion that buyback programs are better options to sell your used devices. The perks make a lot of sense and are simply too good to turn down, including no shipping costs, and a speedy process.

Do I have to pay to ship my GoPro?

Buyback Boss won’t accept payments to ship your GoPro. Your GoPro gets to us free of charge.

How do I ship my GoPro?

You’re eligible for our free shipping service and a shipping label to place on a box containing your GoPro. You can then send it to us.

Do I have to meet directly with a buyer before I sell my GoPro?

That’s not necessary, and neither is it required. In fact, we’re not going to list your device or make you visit us.

How do I get paid for my GoPro?

Buyback Boss will issue a payout got your GoPro via two major ways. Check or PayPal.