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Wearing a timepiece that features a whole lot of functions will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. But not if it’s badly damaged, broken, or has some really worn parts like the hands or cracked surfaces. These issues would mean an instant turn off when you think about wearing them. So if you’re not some kind of collector and need some cash you could put to great use, then it’s probably best to sell your Galaxy Watch to us at Buyback Boss.

How to begin? Visit our site and follow the prompt to fill out the form with accurate details that best describe the condition of your Galaxy Watch. When we take a look, expect a very fast custom cash offer for it.

A buyback program like ours on Buyback Boss is suitable for a trade-in of your Galaxy Watch. We are ready to buy your device, whether it’s old, broken, or falls below your standards. In addition, we accept multiple devices you can sell for bigger Checks!

Galaxy Watch

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How to Sell Your Galaxy Watch


Get a Custom Cash Offer

Our custom cash offers are notoriously very fast. Just give us the information in an online form we need and sit back for a reply on what it’s worth.


Ship Your Galaxy Watch

After accepting our custom cash offer, ship your Galaxy Watch to us! Fasten the necessary shipping label on a box or package containing your Galaxy Watch, and ship it to us at Buyback Boss. You won’t pay a fee to have your device shipped. You can monitor where you Galaxy Watch is headed with an online tracking number we give you.


Get Your Payout

Upon receiving your Galaxy Watch, Inspections are carried out in line with the details you filled. Then we’ll send your cash via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Our custom cash offers have a knack for being the best in the buyback business. Sometimes, our competitors might offer more. We urge you to send a direct mail to us about it, and we’ll update your offer.


Sell Multiple Devices

Your Galaxy Watch could form part of a variety of devices you want to sell. Buyback Boss will pay you more money for all of them!


100% Free Shipping

Many people are scared of paying high fees that might potentially exceed what they hope to earn selling their devices. However, Buyback Boss won’t charge you a dime to ship your Galaxy Watch to us! It’s free!


Unbeatable Support Team

It doesn’t matter the number of questions that you pose to our customer service department. They will be met with effective answers that further help you understand how we operate.


Speedy Payouts

You will be surprised at just how quickly you get paid when the trade-in is completed. This is because we take pleasure in ensuring that our customers receive their cash immediately it is due. 


Safe and Secure

Don’t know who to trust to pay for your Galaxy Watch? Look no further than Buyback Boss! We are a very secure platform and won’t encourage you to meet up with strangers or use dangerous listings for your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Galaxy Watch worth?

Good question. However, we can only get to that when you provide details of your watch to us. Further, there are certain things we’re curious about, including the current cosmetic condition, capacity, and the specific model of your Galaxy Watch. When we check those out, expect a very fast custom cash offer from us!

You can count yourself very lucky if your Galaxy Watch is new or in excellent condition, as you will be getting a very lucrative cash offer from Buyback Boss. Owners of older Galaxy Watch models are not left out too, as we are ready to make an offer that cannot be found anywhere else.

Can I sell a broken Galaxy Watch?

Yes! This is one of the cornerstones of our buyback program because we won’t reject your watch for being broken or water-damaged. We will give you a nice payout for it!

How does the Galaxy Watch trade-in program work?

Your Galaxy Watch trade-in program requires you to answer some questions about your device before you receive a custom price quote. You can then proceed to accept and finish the checkout process before you ship your Galaxy Watch to us for free and receive your payment afterward.

Do I have to pay to ship my Galaxy Watch?

No! This is a free service you enjoy on Buyback Boss. No bill accrues to you for shipping your Galaxy Watch to us. You only have to print and attach your device’s prepaid shipping label on a box or package containing your Galaxy Watch, and send it to us.

How will I get paid for my Galaxy Watch?

Simple! You get paid through Check or PayPal service.

Do I have to sell my Galaxy Watch if I get a quote?

No! It’s up to you, and should you reject it, fine. Although, it’s mandatory to follow our checkout process if you want your custom cash offer to be locked-in for 14 days.