Sell Galaxy Note 10.1

Still got a Galaxy Note 10.1 in your stable of gadgets? You must be quite the keeper of items considering it was released about eight years ago. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it must be quite old, low on recent upgrades, and other capabilities like camera functionality, and RAM. Not to worry, we’re interested in buying your used or old Galaxy Note 10.1 even if it’s in a condition that’s not easy on the eye.

At Buyback Boss, we run a buyback program that’s the envy of our competitors. This is because our whole trade-in process is easy to follow. Get a hold of our online form, fill it with details about your Galaxy Note 10.1, and receive a very fast custom price quote!

When you make up your mind to accept our offer, we will inspect your Galaxy Note 10.1 when you send it to us and pay you. Another perk you get to enjoy with us is that you get to sell multiple devices—so no need to keep them all hidden. Sell them to us for more cash!

Galaxy Note 10.1

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How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 10.1


Get a Custom Price Quote

For a custom price quote, give us information about the device on our online form. We will check out what you filled out and proceed to give you a very fast custom price quote.


Ship Your Galaxy Note 10.1

If our custom price quote sits well with you, then it’s time for a trade-in you will absolutely love for its simplicity. Just paste a prepaid shipping label on a box with your Galaxy Note 10.1 inside and ship it to us. Mind you; shipping doesn’t attract any fee from us. Further, you receive an online tracking number to keep track of your Galaxy Note 10.1.


Get Paid via Check or PayPal

After inspecting your Galaxy Note 10.1, we don’t waste time on payouts. We’ll pay you via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Sure, a trial will definitely convince you. We know what your Galaxy Note is worth, and don’t hold back to pay accordingly. So if you get a better offer for your Galaxy Note 10.1, tell us via a direct email. We’ll update your offer immediately!


Easy and Convenient

It’s one part of our business we can absolutely guarantee because we have a reputation to maintain. This makes our trade-in experience suit you to a tee since you can complete a deal for your Galaxy Note 10.1 from the comfort of your home.


14-Day Price Lock

Not every buyback program will assure you of a 14-day price lock for your Galaxy Note 10.1. We will do that, though, and won’t change your offer during the stated days.


Sell Multiple Devices

Your used or damaged Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t the only device making you feel awkward? We will gladly step in to buy multiple devices from you, meaning a bigger Check on your part.


No Hidden Charges or Transaction Fees

Why will we do that? Every custom price quote is unique to the specifications and capabilities of your device. As such, we go straight to the point on our offers without any hidden intentions or transaction fees.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

There are so many reasons why many people trust us to buy their devices, including our speed of delivery and the fact that we offer one of the highest rates for any device. Our teeming number of customers who have trusted us with more than 50,000 orders is enough to convince you to sell your Galaxy Note 10.1 to our buyback program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Galaxy Note 10.1 worth?

The custom price quote you receive will reflect a few important things, including the state of your Galaxy Note 10.1, its properties, and the model. Buyback Boss will consider all those and make you a very fast offer.

Is it a good time to sell my Galaxy Note 10.1?

First of all, consider how old it is, how badly damaged, and the fact that your family and friends probably have something more recent and more effective. This means it’s the best time to get rid of it, especially if you are receiving cool cash in return.

Is a buyback program the best platform to trade-in my Galaxy Note 10.1?

Our answer remains yes. This is because a buyback program offers you great perks, including safety, speed, and sale of multiple devices like that on Buyback Boss.

Can I sell a broken Galaxy Note 10.1?

Yes, even if it’s in a terrible condition!

Do I have to pay for shipping my Galaxy Note 10.1?

Shipping your Galaxy Note 10.1 to us is absolutely free. Even if you have multiple devices to sell, we won’t attach any shipping fees to your trade-in process.

Am I obligated to sell my Galaxy Note 10.1 if I get an offer?

Not at all! Yet, you must use the checkout process to lock in your offer.