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Got an old G Pad sitting around in your drawer, and you wish it were still up to scratch? Let us take that burden off your hands with some cool cash that could be used to fund your next upgrade. That’s what we do on Buyback Boss – buy all your new, used, broken, and unwanted devices at fair prices. How do we work?

We are rated one of the best because of how easy our trade-in experience is. Select your device on our online platform and fill out a form with information about your G Pad, and we will hit your mail with a valid custom cash offer!

In all, you don’t have to go around asking your peers the best way or site to list your device. Neither do you have to entertain strangers you can’t vouch for. Buyback Boss cuts out all these uncertainties, and will even let you sell more devices for more cash!

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How to Sell Your G Pad


Get a Custom Cash Offer

Fill out our online form with accurate information describing your G Pad. When we see it, we will make you a good custom cash offer!


Ship Your G Pad

The custom cash offer is great? Cool! Send your G Pad to us at no shipping costs to you! Simply print out your prepaid shipping label, put it on a box with your G Pad inside, and ship it to us. In addition, you can use the online tracking number feature to monitor your G Pad.


Get Paid

You will receive a payout for your G Pad via Check or PayPal. This is after we inspect it, though.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

The payouts on Buyback Boss are definitely one of the highest Industry-wide! If you get a better offer, send us a direct mail, and watch us make an even better one!


100% Free Shipping on All Orders

Shipping your G Pad to us is 100 percent free! No part of sending your device to us will cost you!


Sell Multiple Devices

Have more devices you don’t need? We will gladly take them off your hands with cool cash. It could be a camera lens or monitor. We will buy them all, and you will get a bigger Check in return!


Safe and Secure Selling Process

Buyback Boss is not new to the buyback industry, and our reputation precedes us. Selling your G Pad to us will prove to be the safest thing you’ve done over the Internet! 


Very Fast Online Offers

Our custom cash offer for your G Pad will come in very fast as soon as you supply all the necessary information in our online form.


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team doesn’t need any introduction. At least, that’s the case with more than 50,000 customers. So if you’ve got a problem, consider it solved!


Speedy Payouts

Our payouts are made quickly so that the trade-in is completed on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my G Pad worth?

What better way to determine the actual worth of your G Pad than our risk-free evaluation process? We will take into consideration some criteria, including the condition and specification of your G Pad before we tell you exactly how much we are paying for it.

New G Pads will count in your favor, as they mean more money for their owners, while older or badly used models will get a fair price as well.

Can I sell a broken G Pad?

Yes! We don’t reject such devices. We still see the value in your damaged G Pad. That’s why we give you the best quotes to buy it.

Is it a good time to sell my G Pad?

Is your G Pad worn and used, broken, or severely damaged? Yes? It is time to sell it to Buyback Boss. The truth is, your G Pad is getting real old, which implies that its market value will only continue to drop every day. You can trade it in for the most cash while you still can, and we will offer you the best price in the business very quickly.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my G Pad?

Yes! But that is not because we are in the industry. A buyback program is usually equipped with the right features that will make every trade-in process worth your while.

Sure, there is no better way to get some value for your new, old, and broken devices, including your G Pad. A buyback program provides the right avenue to sell your G Pad for the right price without engaging third parties or using listings. You will also get to offload your old cell phone drawer and ship it all for free.

How will I get paid for my G Pad?

Buyback Boss runs two popular and convenient means of payment – Check and PayPal.

How do I ship my G Pad?

Shipping your G Pad to us means accepting the custom price quote for it, attaching a prepaid shipping label on a package containing your G Pad, and sending it to us at Buyback Boss. Note, though, that we will not ask you to pay a dime for shipping your device.