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Ready to sell your new, old, and broken DVDs for the best price online? At Buyback Boss, we are right at your service. Our buyback program is designed to take the hassle away from your trade-in process, so you can get everything done without taking much of your time. 

Most would argue that DVDs are old and have been replaced by so many new and exciting options. However, they can still fetch you some quick cash when you sell them to a buyback program. More so, if you have a stack of broken DVDs somewhere in your junk drawer or on your shelf, you are missing out on a great opportunity to make some fast money, as they can be worth quite a lot when you trade them in a single order. 

To get things started, give us information about your DVD on the form we provide online. We’ll proceed to make you an offer; accept it, and we’re in business!

A buyback program is a nice platform to sell your DVDs. It doesn’t matter what state it’s in. We will pay for it. Got a couple of other old or used devices? Include them in the deal for a bigger Check!


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How to Sell Your DVDs


Get a Customer Cash Offer

Our custom offers are notoriously very fast so that the deal is completed and you receive your cash. Go ahead and answer a few questions about your DVDs specifications and receive an offer.


Ship Your DVD

After accepting the offer, ship your DVD to us! Fasten the necessary shipping label on a package holding your DVD and send it to Buyback Boss. We will give you an online tracking number, so you know where your DVD is every time.


Get Your Payout

Upon receiving your DVD, we’ll inspect it. When everything checks out, we will send your cash through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Our prices stand as one of the best out there, and that is one of the things that make us stand out from the rest.

Even if our competitors are offering more, email us directly, and we will quickly update your offer.


Sell Multiple Devices

Got more than your DVD to sell? We will gladly take them off your hands and give you fast cash in return.

You can even offload your old, abandoned devices in your junk drawer for a bigger payout.


100% Free Shipping

Shipping your device to Buyback Boss is entirely free, thanks to our free shipping service. Once you complete our checkout process, print and attach the prepaid shipping label to your shipping box and proceed to send it in.


Safe and Secure

Our processes at Buyback Boss are safe and secure! So your DVD comes to us without you engaging third parties or using dubious websites.


Speedy Payouts

We make payments just as quickly! As soon as the trade-in is completed, your cash comes in!


Unbeatable Support Team

If you have questions or don’t understand a couple of terms, we have a team of experts willing to support you at every turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my DVD worth?

Want the best prices for your DVDs? We base our cash offers on certain criteria like the specific model and cosmetic condition of your device. Within a few minutes, you can supply these details by selecting the most appropriate options that depict the true state of your DVD in our online form.

At Buyback Boss, we will make a lucrative offer for brand new DVDs. But owners of old DVD devices will not miss out on nice payouts as well. There’s also the fact that it might be damaged. After checking the information you provide, we will make you a custom cash offer.

Can I sell a broken DVD?

Sure, you can. Instead of leaving your broken DVD on your shelf or in your junk drawer, you can quickly trade it in for fast cash here at Buyback Boss.

Whatever the state of your DVD, we will surely buy it from you.

Do I have to pay to ship my DVD?

No. Shipping your DVD to us is free! Unlike some other programs and classified websites, we will not deduct a penny from your money as charges for shipping your device or creating a listing. You will be able to sell and send your DVD to Buyback Boss for free.

How does the DVD trade-in program work?

We have a custom online cash offer process you can use to get a very fast offer. If you accept it, put a shipping label on a box containing your DVD and ship it to is. When we assess it, we’ll then send your cash.

How will I get paid for my DVD?

You get paid via two great options – PayPal or Check.

Do I have to sell my DVD if I get a quote?

No, this is not the case with Buyback Boss. The only thing you must do is take advantage of the checkout process to lock in your offer.