Sell DSLR Camera

A Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera sure fits the bill if you want to capture a host of great spectacles and produce awesome photos. It does have some advantages, but if it’s old or no longer serves your needs, consider selling it to us. We know a DSLR camera is really worth a lot. Don’t worry, at Buyback Boss; we will make you a custom offer that reflects the value you would expect from selling your device to us.

For a quote on what your DSLR camera is worth, head online and give us information that covers the model and other information about it. We’ll go over it and tell you what it’s worth.

There’s a lot to gain from using a buyback program such as ours because you get to sell your used and broken devices. Further, Buyback Boss is interested in buying multiple devices from you. So if you’ve got more than a DSLR camera to sell, we’ll gladly pay you more cash to buy them!

DSLR Camera

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How to Sell Your DSLR Camera


Get a Custom Cash Offer

With the form we provide on the Buyback Boss website, fill in the details describing your DSLR camera. Once we see the form, expect a very fast custom cash offer for it!


Ship Your DSLR Camera

Does our custom cash offer capture your attention? Accept it and go ahead to package your DSLR camera for shipping. With us, your shipping costs are covered regardless of the condition and model of your DSLR camera. You’ll also get a prompt to print out your DSLR camera’s prepaid shipping label. This is what qualifies you for our free shipping service. We’ll also give you an online tracking number to help you follow-up on your DSLR camera.


Get Paid

This is one of the fastest processes we boast about at Buyback Boss with two main options for customers – Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


No Bait and Switch Offers

We have no need to switch the offers we send to you. This won’t happen at any time, and our 14-day price lock stands to show you we’re serious about that.


Unbeatable Support Team

Got some issues from the beginning of the trade-in or during it? We have a reliable customer support team on the ground t o give you the solutions you will love. All your questions will receive immediate feedback!


Free Shipping on All Orders

We have already stated how we go ahead to cover the cost of shipping for those willing to do business with us. So shipping your DSLR camera to us is very free!


Safe and Secure Selling Process

While there’s a lot of buyback programs online, not all can give you a safe trade-in process. We will have you selling your devices on a safe and secure platform. We won’t list your device or have you leave your location.


Speedy Payouts

Want your money coming in quickly? Buyback Boss is definitely the platform to count on because we’re always prepared to issue payouts.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

That’s right! The sheer number of customers we post should give you all the confidence you need to sell your DSLR camera to us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my DSLR Camera worth?

We will not keep you in the dark about the value of your device before the trade-in process is completed. That is why we require you to specify the model and current cosmetic condition of your DSLR camera before we let you know exactly how much your device is worth. Newer DSLR cameras will be more valuable than older models, but you will still get your cool cash either way!

Just make sure you give out accurate information about your device while going through our online quoting process to receive the best offer.

Is it a good time to sell my DSLR Camera?

If your DSLR camera is fading out or not up to scratch anymore, consider selling it to us. It’s no use keeping a broken device lying around when you could receive value for it.

How does this buyback program compare to others?

The program on Buyback Boss is run by seasoned pros who want what’s best for you. In addition, we offer one of the best quotes for all kinds of devices. If others offer more, we’ll update ours!

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

Yes. There’s a price lock for a period of 14 days on the offer you accept for your DSLR Camera.

Do I have to bear the cost of ship my DSLR Camera?

No. You are not paying a penny to have your DSLR camera shipped because we cover the expenses.

How do I ship my DSLR Camera?

You will receive a prompt to print out a shipping label for your DSLR camera when you accept our custom offer and finish your checkout process. Put this on a package with your DSLR camera inside and ship it to us.

Am I obligated to sell my DSLR Camera if I get an offer?

Your DSLR camera is yours to deal at any time you dim fit. So there is no pressure from us by way of obligations. We only demand that you follow our checkout prices to lock in the custom offer for your DSLR camera.