Sell Dell Venue 8 Tablet

A Dell Venue 8 Tablet might have made a great addition to your list of devices seven years ago, but that’s a long time even for non-gadget freaks. As such, it might just be time to call it quits on your Tablet so that you can look forward to better options with top specs and capabilities. This is also the case when it’s either broken or damaged in one way or another. How to get rid? Sell it to us at Buyback Boss!

Our trade-in process for your Dell Venue 8 Tablet will go on smoothly. Head online, give us your device’s details, and immediately get a custom cash offer for it.

At Buyback Boss, payouts are made at a speed you will find totally convenient. In addition, you have the option of selling more than one device to us. Simply add them up in one order, and we’ll pay you an even bigger Check for them!

Dell Venue 8 Tablet

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How to Sell Your Dell Venue 8 Tablet


Get a Custom Cash Offer

To get a custom cash offer from us, simply fill out our online form checkout process. We will check the details of your Dell Venue 8 Tablet, and respond fast with a very fast custom cash offer.


Send in Your Dell Venue 8 Tablet

With the above information confirmed and your acceptance of our offer, it is time to ship your Dell Venue 8 Tablet to us. Paste the prepaid shipping label on a box containing your device and send it to us. An online tracking number is issued to you. This helps you monitor where your Tablet is going.


Get Paid

After inspecting your Dell Venue 8 Tablet, we will send your payment via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

At Buyback Boss, we will make good our promise to offer you the best price for your device, no matter what. If you receive a better cash offer from another platform, send a valid claim to us directly via email, and we will make you a new and improved offer.


Very Fast Online Offer

We are proud of how fast our custom cash offer gets to you! We won’t take all your time after you fill our form.


No Bait and Switch Offers

Our custom cash offer remains the same for a period not exceeding the 14-day guarantee we give you. It won’t switch as a result.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

Yep! 50,000 and counting! That’s how good and reliable we are and eager to help you sell your Dell Venue 8 Tablet to us.


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team is totally after your happiness. All your inquiries will be met with professional and cordial representatives.


Speedy Payouts

Want your payout immediately? You got it! Your money comes in at a speed that is just as fast as the custom cash offer.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

A safe and secure selling process covers all the basics. This is why you don’t need lists with us, and neither do you have to meet up with shady characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Dell Venue 8 Tablet worth?

We will check out some criteria before we tell you what it’s worth to us. This includes the model and specifications of your Dell Venue 8 Tablet.

You will receive a very lucrative cash offer for a new Dell Venue 8 Tablet if you own any. Even if you have a badly used or very old model, we will still give you a fair price. Just make sure that you list out the exact details of your Dell Venue 8 Tablet in our online form, and we will give you a corresponding price quote.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Dell Venue 8 Tablet?

Of course! We believe strongly that a buyback program has many perks, including helping you get some value for your used devices at the best price. You also get to avoid the outrageous shipping and transaction costs that are very rampant on many auction sites and online marketplaces.

How does the Dell Venue 8 Tablet trade-in program work?

Our Dell Venue 8 Tablet trade-in program is designed to help you get some fast cash for a device you no longer need. In most cases, you will have to answer some questions about the device you want to sell, specify its condition, and select its prominent specifications from the available options. For example, Buyback Boss will give you a firm to fill, then you receive an offer, and when you accept it, you will ship your device to us for free. We will inspect it and pay you!

Can I sell a broken Dell Venue 8 Tablet?

Yes. Whatever the condition, new, used, or completely broken, we will buy it from you for the best price on the market!

How will I get paid for my Dell Venue 8 Tablet?

After receiving and inspecting your device, you will get paid, either through Check or PayPal.

Am I obligated to sell my Dell Venue 8 Tablet if I get a custom cash offer?

No. But we strongly advise that you follow the checkout process that locks in your offer.