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Need to sell your old camera for some quick cash online? Buyback Boss offers the best deal for any camera from all walks of life. Even if you own a shiny new camera device, and you are looking to trade it online for the best price, you cannot go wrong with our buyback program.

What makes us so certain of this? Our buyback program is created to take the stress away from all trade-in processes and make them simple, smooth, and super fast.

Within a few minutes after telling us about your camera device, we will send you a custom price quote that beats our competitor’s cash offers. We will also gladly welcome all camera devices that have been turned down by other buyback programs and make you a fair cash offer for them.

It doesn’t end there. You can get your payout in full without paying a dime for shipping and other transactional charges when you sell your camera to Buyback Boss. No listing, no hidden charges, just some cool cash for your new, old, and broken camera devices.

Get a Quote

How to Sell Your Camera


Get a Custom Price Quote Online

To get a custom price quote for your camera, select the most appropriate options that best describe your camera’s cosmetic conditions and some other important details. These options will be made available to you in an online form.   


Ship Your Camera

After getting a custom price quote, you may proceed to accept the offer and complete the checkout process. Then comes the shipping aspect, where you stand to enjoy our free shipping service when you print out a unique shipping label for your device.

Also, there is an online tracking number on the label, which will tell you the exact location of your camera while in transit.


Get Paid

Select your most preferred payment method between Check and PayPal, and get ready to receive your money in a prompt manner.

The moment your camera arrives at its destination, we will quickly inspect to ensure that everything is exactly as stated in the submitted online form and process your payment immediately.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts for Your Camera Device

You don’t have to haggle over the best price for your device when you sell your camera to Buyback Boss. Our cash offers are simply the best in the industry. Peradventure you at a better offer from another platform, we will match the offer without wasting time. Just send us a valid price-match claim in a direct email, and we will upgrade your offer.


Unbeatable Customer Service

Our team of dedicated customer service members is always available to attend to all your questions, requests, ad complaints. If you are having trouble completing an order process, contact us immediately, and we will help you out all through until the very end.


Speedy Payouts

When you sell your camera to Buyback Boss, we will send your money to you without delay. Buyback Boss payment processors are some of the best of the business, So you can expect your payment to come in full and as at when due. 


14-Day Price Lock

Under no situation are we going to back down on our words or switch up on you after we have already made you a cash offer. Buyback Boss will stand by its offers every time. This is why we have put in place a 14-day price-lock guarantee when you complete our checkout process.


100% Free Shipping

Our free shipping service covers every completed order process. If you choose to sell your camera to Buyback Boss, you will get your payout in full without paying for shipping or creating a listing.


Safe and Secure Buyback Program

Here at Buyback Boss, we value the safety and security of all our customers. That is why we have taken all necessary measures to make our buyback program safe and secure for every user.

At present, we have processed and completed more than 50,000 orders to the satisfaction and delight of our esteemed customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Camera worth?

We can only ascertain the price of your camera when we consider a few factors. These factors include the cosmetic condition of your device, among other things that will be asked when filling out our online form. If your camera is pretty new or in good condition, you will sure pocket more money than for a similar device in a bad state.

You have nothing to worry about anyways, as Buyback Boss offers the best price for all devices, regardless of their state and condition.

Can I sell a broken Camera?

Of course, Yes! We will give you a nice payout for your damaged and completely broken camera devices when you sell them to our buyback program.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Camera?

Yes, and for the best reasons. When you sell your camera to a buyback program, you get to avoid all the unnecessary stress and hassle that come with many classified websites and online marketplaces.

From free shipping to ease of use and convenience, buyback programs will make your trade-in experience smooth and seamless from start to finish.

How does the Camera trade-in program work?

We will prompt you to fill out an online form that includes vital and basic details about your camera device before getting a custom price quote.

If the offer is exactly what you seek, accept, and proceed to checkout. You will then be eligible for our free shipping service, where you can send your device over to us at no extra cost.

Once we have your camera here with us, we will quickly check I through to verify all claims before we process your payment.

How do I get paid for my Camera?

Buyback Boss sends payout via Check or PayPal. So you can select either of the two as your preferred payment method to help receive your money.  

Do I have to sell my Camera if I get a quote?

Getting a price quote from Buyback Boss doesn’t automatically mean you have to sell your device to us right away.

You don’t have to sell your camera or any other device until you are absolutely sure you are ready to do so. But it may become necessary to complete our checkout process if you are looking to enjoy our 14 days price-lock guarantee.