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Get the most cash for your old, broken, or unwanted Apple TV when you sell it online to Buyback Boss. Since its inception in 2007, Apple has refreshed its streaming media player a number of times. From the first-generation Apple TV in 2007 to the latest 2017 4K-compatible model, you can get top-dollar on any model when you sell it to Buyback Boss.   

How’s that possible? Just fill out our online form to share the basic details of your phone with us, and we will give you a custom price quote. If you like what you see, complete the remaining steps within a couple of minutes and get ready to ship your Apple TV device to us for free.

Here at Buyback Boss, we have equipped our buyback program with a wide variety of useful tools and features that will aid easy and smooth trade-in process at all times. We will take care of shipping and other transactional costs. We will buy virtually any Apple TV device, regardless of their capacity model and condition, and we will buy it from you. Best of all, we will offer a bigger Check for multiple devices, so if you are ready to sell, we are ready to buy.

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How to Sell Your Apple TV


Get a Custom Price Quote

Getting a price quote for your device is the first step towards getting fast cash for your old, new, or broken Apple TV. How do you do that? Simply fill out an online form by selecting the most appropriate options that best describe the specific details of your device, including the model, capacity, cosmetic conditions, and the likes. Click “submit” as soon as you are done, and we will give you a custom quote.


Ship Your Apple TV

The next thing is to send in your device comes next, right after you have completed the checkout process. The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about the shipping costs because Buyback Boss got you covered.

After completing an order process, you will be prompted to print out a prepaid shipping label for your device. This label qualifies you for our free shipping service, and it comes with an online tracking number, through which you can track your device while in transit.


Get Paid

We will verify your Apple TV to see if it is just as described at the time of sale before we send your money. Select either Check or PayPal, and watch your payment comes in real quick and fast.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

At Buyback Boss, we will go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and give them a befitting buyback experience. Our customer-oriented price-match feature will fetch you the highest price on the market at all times.  Just contact us via email whenever you find a better offer for your device on another platform online, and we will update your offer.


14-Day Price Lock

Here at Buyback Boss, we stay true to our words until the very end. When you complete an order, you will become eligible for our 14-day price lock guarantee, where we lock in tour offer without any form of deceit or double-dealing.


100% Free Shipping on All Orders

Buyback Boss offers free shipping service for every completed order. This is something that you rarely see on many classified platforms that takeout of your payout to cover the shipping costs and other transactional charges.


Exceptional Customer Support Team

Our customer service team is always on the ground to render timely support services whenever you need help. Just reach out to us to express your concerns, lodge complaints, make inquiries, and resolve any issues that you may encounter before, during, or after placing your order.


Speedy Payouts

You don’t have to wait until forever before you get paid for your device. Here at Buyback Boss, we offer some of the fastest payments in the industry.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

We take the security of our customers seriously. Thatis why we have put in place a robust buyback program that will help facilitate a smooth and seamless trade-in process as well as combat any form of unwanted interference from a third-party.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Apple TV worth?

We will tell you how much your Apple TV stream media player is worth after considering some important factors, such as the cosmetic condition and the specific model. These criteria will determine your cash offer, as new devices usually sell for more than old and broken models.

To find out exactly what we will offer for your Apple TV, fill out our online form with the basic details of your device and submit when done to get a custom price quote. 

Can I sell a broken Apple TV?

Certainly! Buyback Boss will make gladly snap up your smudged, dented, or cracked Apple TV. We will buy all the broken models that no longer function.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Apple TV?

Absolutely! Buyback programs outclass all other platforms when it comes to convenience, efficiency,  and value. Apart from offering the best price for your Apple TV, buyback programs do not require you to go through all the stress of creating an online listing for your phone. You don’t even have to haggle over price or meet up directly with buyers. You can do everything right from the comfort o your home.

How does the Apple TV trade-in program work?

Our Apple TV trade-in program is simple, fast, and very reliable. It has been designed to give you the most value for your device without sacrificing comfort and convenience. You can even do it all without stepping out of your home.

Visit our website at to get started and select your device. Proceed to fill out a brief form, where you will specify the cosmetic condition of your device. Afterward, we will send you a custom cash offer. Accept the offer if it pleases you and complete the checkout process. At this point, you are ready to send in your device. Print out a prepaid shipping label to enjoy our free shipping service, and you are good to go. Once we have your device, we will inspect it to verify all claims and send your payment immediately.

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

Yes, of course! We will back your offer with our price-lock guarantee that will help lock in the exact trade-in price for fourteen days. This will buy you enough time to erase your personal data, back up your files, or get a replacement device.

Do I have to pay to ship my Apple TV?

Not at all! Buyback Boss offers free shipping for all devices. Once you accept our offer, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for your device.

Stick this label to your device’s shipping box, and you qualify for our free shipping package.

How do I get paid for my Apple TV?

You can choose to receive your money via Cheque or PayPal. Whichever works best for you.