How to Sell an iPhone Near Me

Whether you are looking to upgrade to Apple’s latest iPhone or want some extra cash for that dusty old device that’s been hanging around your house, there are numerous ways you can sell all of your old Apple products. You have several different options. From jumping on social media to using sites like Craigslist or using dedicated buyback services, it’s never been easier to sell your old iPhone. So check out this easy guide that answers the question, “how to sell an iPhone near me.”

Before You Sell Your iPhone

Broken iPhoneThere are several factors you need to consider before you sell your phone:  

  • What model of iPhone are you selling?
  • What are the specifications of your device? 
  • Is the iPhone in good working order? 
  • Are there any cracks in the screen? 
  • Does the battery still hold a significant charge? 
  • Is the device fully paid off and factory unlocked? 
  • Has the device been reset to factory conditions? 
  • How you unlinked the device from your iCloud account? 

These are just a few of the factors that will determine the value of your phone. You need to be realistic when selling a used iPhone personally. The market for used phones is massive. People nowadays can very easily go onto Amazon and other platforms and buy a factory refurbished version of your same usually at an amazing price. Moreover, there are more ways than ever to finance a new phone. Most phone carriers offer free phones for people who sign up for a new contract and even Apple and other retailers have gotten into financing phones over 12-24 month periods. 

The final thing you need to consider is whether selling your phone privately is worth your time. If a friend makes a quick offer, that’s great. However, if you have to spend time and money advertising on the internet, then meeting prospective buyers, the hassle may not be worth the cost. Finally, there is a very limited market for broken phones. Most people don’t have the tools to repair broken phones or know how to gauge how much their value is so be aware it may be near impossible for you to sell these privately. 

How to Sell an iPhone Near Me

Selling an iPhone on Facebook

If your phone isn’t too old and is in reasonable condition, there should be plenty of local people interested in buying it. The first place you should check is on social media. Create a post on Facebook and see if any of your friends are interested. This is a great way to conveniently sell your old phone and you already have the advantage of a trust factor between friends. However, you may not get as much money as you’d like as friends often expect a discount. 

You can also use social media to check out local groups. Most cities and towns have their buy and sell platforms where you can advertise to local people in your community about selling your old phone. In the same vein, you can also use Craigslist. Craigslist is quite popular and free so there’s really no downside to listing your phone on there. However, most people are looking for deals on the platform so don’t be surprised if somebody offers you way less than you want for your phone. 

How Much is My iPhone Worth?

It can be difficult to figure out the right price for a used iPhone. One of the best ways to do this is to check around online to get a quote. Once you have a price range, you might need to employ a little strategy. Some people create listings on social media and craigslist saying “$75 for used iPhone 6S or best offer.” It’s always a gamble. Sometimes, you might do better to overprice your phone, expecting people to make lower offers. In other cases, this can backfire on you and prevent people from responding. This is, unfortunately, the roll of the dice you get when selling a phone privately. 

After this, you then have to schedule a meetup at a safe, convenient place and hope the person actually shows up. Finally, many people like to try to change the price on the spot even after agreeing on one during corresponding. You then have to decide whether you’ll take it or leave it.

Taking Your Used Phone to a Local Electronics Store

Electronics store

Some major retailers along with smaller stores may buy used phones. However, think about any time you’ve sold something to a store in the past. Maybe you sold DVDs, games, or books. Did you receive a fair price? These types of stores need to mark up used products significantly in order to make a profit so they are most likely to give you the lowest resale price for your old iPhone.  

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Buyback Programs: A Much Better Way to Sell Your Phone

iPhone for cash

If all that sounds like a big headache to you, that’s because it should. Unless you are really lucky, selling your phone privately is always going to be a hassle. You’re very likely to a low-ball offer on price and then have to deal with the inconvenience of meeting somebody and making sure they actually pay you as agreed. Buyback Boss takes all the stress of selling your used iPhone out of the picture. 

Instead of guessing what you’ll get for your phone, Buyback Boss creates an instant quote for you with the highest price guaranteed. This means if you find a better price for your phone online, all you have to do is email Buyback Boss and they’ll adjust their quote accordingly. 

Not only that, they make selling your phone easy. After you receive your offer, Buyback Boss emails you a free shipping label. All you have to do is place your phone in a box and send it to them. Once Buyback Boss receives your phone, you’ll be able to choose whether to receive a PayPal payment or a check mailed back to you. It’s that simple. One more thing. Buyback Boss will even buy your broken phone from you at a fair price.  

How to Sell an iPhone Near Me Made Quick and Easy

How to Sell an iPhone Near Me Made Quick and Easy

When it comes to selling your phone locally, you do have quite a few options. You can reach out to your friends or use social media to see if anybody is interested. You can also check your local community through Craigslist, local Facebook groups, and other channels. Finally, you can bring your phone to an electronics or pawn shop. However, in all these instances, you very likely to not get as much for your phone as it is worth. Not only that, you may have to deal with driving across town, scheduling meetups, and other headaches. It’s simply not worth your time and energy. 

Skip the hassle and use Buyback Boss Instead. With Buyback Boss, you get the highest price for your phone guaranteed. They make it easy for you to sell your used iPhone too. All you do is print out a free shipping label and send your phone off. You can have your cash in as little as a few days. What could be better than that?