What To Do If Your Samsung Galaxy Is Not Charging

The Samsung Galaxy is a popular phone model, with sales rivaling that of the iPhone every year. The Galaxy can undoubtedly be considered a high-end smartphone, with many apps and customizations that consumers enjoy. One problem that it sometimes has, though, is when it won’t charge like it is supposed to. That can be frustrating for you as a smartphone owner, and you’ll want to take steps to rectify it as soon as possible. Let’s talk about what could be causing a Galaxy not to charge, and how you can alleviate the issue.

Samsung Galaxy Not Charging

Why Might Your Samsung Galaxy Not Be Charging?

If you’re running into this problem, then several factors might be to blame. It could be that the phone charger you are using is not working anymore. It could be the USB cable that’s causing the issue, or it might be the port of the Galaxy itself that is not allowing the device to charge.

One clue might also be whether the Galaxy is charging very slowly or not at all. If the phone is charging slowly, then you’re looking at different causes than one which completely refuses to charge.

Try Repairing the Galaxy’s USB Port

Let’s start with the USB port and see if fixing that will get your Galaxy to charge. There are metallic surfaces inside both the micro-USB charger and the USB port. If they are not making good contact with each other, the phone will not charge. The continuous plugging and unplugging of the charging cable might cause this to happen over time, or it might be a manufacturing defect.

Samsung Galaxy USB Port

What you should do is shut down the Galaxy, and then remove the battery. Next, use something small to “lever up” the little tab that is inside the USB port. A toothpick would be ideal. Do it very gently, and then reinsert the battery and plug the Galaxy back in again. Often this is what it takes to get it to start charging.

Try to Remove Lint, Dust, and Other Debris

The next move would be to look for lint, dust, stickiness from candy, or any particulate matter that is in the phone’s USB charging tunnel. If you keep the phone in your pants pocket, then sometimes buildup can be causing a lack of connection.

You could use a small can of compressed air to blow any debris out of the USB charging port. A cotton swab works as well if you gently use it to scrape away any buildup. You can also use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush.

Compressed Air for Samsung Galaxy

Try a Different Charging Cable

The next thing to try would be getting a different charging cable for the Galaxy. The curling and flexing of the cable can take its toll over the months and years, and sooner or later, that cable is probably going to fray. If you see any visible damage to the cable, then it is time for a new one, but even if yours seems to be intact, this often fixes Android phones that refuse to charge.

Samsung Galaxy Charging Cable

If you have a relative or friend from whom you can borrow a cable, then that’s great, or you can buy a new one. If you do, though, make sure that you get one that is explicitly approved for Samsung products. Buying a random cheap one online and hoping for the best probably isn’t the best move here.

If you try a different cable and the phone still won’t charge, then at least you can eliminate that as a source of the trouble. If the Galaxy still doesn’t charge at this point, then go on to the next fix.

Try a Different Wall Socket

You can next try some different wall sockets in your home to see if that is the problem. It could be a specific one that is preventing your Galaxy from charging. Go try one in a different room, or on another floor if that is an option for you. If the phone won’t charge with any of them, then that’s one more possible cause that you can cross off the list.

Galaxy Not Charging Because of Wall Socket

The Adaptor Might be to Blame

The wall plug adaptor is another part of your Galaxy setup that might fail in some circumstances, especially if it is one of the ones where the charging cable can be removed from it. The USB port can become a little loose after hundreds of times plugging and unplugging it.

If you can, try the charger and cable combination with another Galaxy or Samsung device. If they fail to charge the new device, then one of them is at fault. If they charge the new device with no problems, then you know that your phone is the problem and not the equipment that goes with it.

Try Charging the Phone at Lower Temperatures

It could be that the phone has overheated, and that is why it won’t charge. Is it hot to the touch? Has it been sitting out in the sun, like on a hot car dashboard? 

If so, then waiting for it to cool down and trying to charge it again is your best bet. You can set it in a cool room where there are plenty of shadows. Don’t try to speed up the process by putting it in a fridge or freezer. That is a sure way to damage a phone permanently. Don’t set it directly in front of a high-powered fan or an air conditioner, either.

Now Could be the Time to Replace the Battery

If you have tried everything that we have suggested so far, and you haven’t gotten the Galaxy to charge, then it’s time to explore the possibility of the battery being the cause. You should be able to get at least a couple of years out of a phone battery, but many mitigating circumstances can influence that.

Phone batteries that have started to bulge or are leaking fluid are easy to notice. Those with nothing visually wrong are harder to diagnose. You’ll have to take the Galaxy to a licensed Samsung retailer so they can take a look at it. Many stores can help you in this regard, but if you have the phone under warranty, then you should probably take it to the location from which you originally got it.

As long as you did nothing to void the warranty, then you should be able to get a replacement battery free or at a reduced rate. Whether that is possible will depend on the details of your warranty plan.

Try Charging the Galaxy by Attaching It to Your Computer

Generally speaking, you’d do better to charge the phone by plugging it into a wall socket via a charging cable and adaptor combination. You might also try plugging it into a laptop or desktop computer, though, to see if you have better luck that way. It isn’t likely, but it is at least worth a try.

Did You Recently do a Software Update?

On Androids, you sometimes notice that a Galaxy will stop working once you have downloaded a newer version of the operating system. If you find that your phone won’t charge after you just installed a new update, then you might want to go back to a previous one. This might leave you open to security vulnerabilities, though.

Now you know of several things that might be causing your Galaxy not to charge, as well as a few different fixes to try. If none of them have worked, then what makes the most sense is for you to head to a Samsung store and hand the phone over to the employees there. They can run diagnostic tests on it that are not possible at home if you’re trying a DIY fix of the problem.

Samsung Store for Galaxy Not Charging

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