Must Have Apps For Movie Lovers

You love movies. You’re a film buff. You see films you’re excited about the weekend, sometimes the minute, they’re released. You’ve spent many an evening alone with your TV, and that’s just the way you like it. You get invited to bar trivia nights for your unsettling ability to remember precise quotes and details – or maybe just for your passion (hey, no one’s right all the time! And who remembers “The Red Violin” that well anyway?). They say your apps should reflect your personality – well, surely someone has said that – why not use yours to feed your obsession? Here are a few great apps every film lover should try:

Flixster: Rotten Tomatoes

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

While this app serves a wide variety of handy purposes, the best thing about it is definitely its partnership with Rotten Tomatoes. For all the controversy around the gender split among their film critics, Rotten Tomatoes is still the gold standard for answering the question, “Should I see this movie?” This app – as well as providing info on nearby cinemas, entertainment news, and a section for tracking movies you’d like to see or have reviewed – gives you quick and easy access to any film’s freshness score. Films are sorted by most recent platform and straightforwardly searchable.

Browse movies and movie times or other available platforms.

Easily access scores and reviews/ratings via Rotten Tomatoes.

Track films you want to see or have seen.

App Cost: FREE



If Rotten Tomatoes is king when it comes to movie reviews, IMDb is the undisputed duke of entertainment industry information. For every time you’ve asked, “Why do I know that actor?”, you’ve probably visited IMDb. The app is a helpful extension of the site with all the same information, just organized to be more phone-friendly. The only flaw in the app is sometimes intrusive advertisements, but isn’t that just life in 2016?

Access IMDb’s extensive catalog of information on upcoming and existing films the industry personae that link them together.

Watch trailers and catch up on entertainment news.

Create and share IMDb lists (that compilation of hot Canadian actresses isn’t putting itself together).

App Cost: FREE



Fandango is by far the most popular and effective app for finding and purchasing move tickets on your phone. That’s what it does, that’s what it’s for, that’s what it’s good at. Sound like something you might need? Then go get it!

Find movie times near you and purchase tickets hassle-free.

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Get perks and stuff, if you’re into that.

App Cost: FREE



Oh baby, this is a good one. If you’re not already aware of, it is going to change your life. The app is even better because you can use it on the go (but not once the movie starts, people hate that). It tells you when the best time(s) to pee during the movie would be, what you might have missed if you’re a few minutes late, and whether or not there’s something to stick around for during or after the credits. It’s the little things in life, right?

Find out when to pee during the movie you’re about to see.

Check what you missed in the first few minutes if you’re running late.

Get info on scenes that are shown during or after the credits.



Did you know you can watch Netflix from your iPhone? The app doesn’t contain too many surprises for those of us who are already versed in the world of Netflix, but the interface is attractive and easy to use. Plus, the access to the Netflix library while on the road is a major improvement over the second best entertainment you can get on a long bus ride: accidental eye contact with strangers. Just make sure you have a data plan that won’t be destroyed by streaming!

Watch Netflix anywhere, any time.

Check out recommendations for you, add shows to your queue, and read about new releases when you’re away from your usual streaming device.

App Cost: Free to download, monthly Netflix Subscription starts at $7.99

Movie Vault

Movie Vault

If you’re interested in streaming classic films, Movie Vault is a great way to gain a vast collection of older films at a low cost. The $1.99 to download the app is all you’ll have to pay for unlimited streaming of cult classics and academy award-winning films from yesteryear, commercial-free. Films can be watched on your iPhone or iPod or sent via AirPlay to your Apple TV. While video quality won’t always match that of bigger companies and more recent films, it’s definitely two bucks well spent.

Pay little to watch a library of over 1,000 older films, commercial-free, on your iPhone or Apple TV.

Make use of their simple search function to find content by actor, director, genre, title, etc.

Discover movies based on their True Cover Art and film info linked with IMDb.

App Cost: $1.99


Snag Films

Snag Films is another streaming app. It’s free to download and use, so it’s perfect for the budget-conscious film fan. There are a few ad breaks, but nothing that will make you completely crazy. While you won’t find many blockbusters here, there’s lots of cool content to explore. Like the other services, Snag Films can be streamed to your TV using AirPlay as well as watched on your iPhone.

Watch over 5,000 independent movies, TV shows and documentaries on your iPhone, iPod or Apple TV for free.

Has a queue feature similar to Netflix so you can save films you want to watch later.

Explore their unique, offbeat content including older award-winning films, special interest categories and foreign films.

App Cost: FREE

Movie Trivia Quiz

Movie Trivia Quiz

Alright, so you’ve seen all the movies. Now prove you were paying attention! This is widely rated as the most challenging trivia app for movie lovers (though, as reviews will attest, the questions vary in difficulty). While the game has optional in-app purchases to get more coins or eliminate advertisements, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to make any purchases.

Play movie trivia that’s actually challenging.

Discover new movies to watch when you stumble on a question you can’t answer.

Have fun!

App Cost: FREE

Final Draft

Final Draft Writer

Ok, genius, you’ve seen all the movies, you’ve got all the answers, sounds like there’s only one thing left to do: write your own. Final Draft is debatably the top script writing software in the business, and now they’re offering a mobile version for your iPhone and iPad. While this is the most expensive app on this list (weighing in at – gasp – almost $14), if you want to be a screenwriter on the go, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Use top-notch screenwriting software to create your masterpiece.

Existing Final Draft customers can open and edit their scripts written on desktop on the app using Dropbox.

App Cost: $13.99

Now go out there and be your best movie-loving self!

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