iPhone Camera Not Working? Try These Easy Solutions

If the camera is not working on your iPhone, then that’s certain to be a disappointment for you. Most people love taking pictures with their phones, whether you’re trying to commemorate a special moment or you’re keeping track of your doings for your social media profiles. Let’s go over some of the possible fixes for iPhone camera problems.

What to do if Your Camera Shows a Black Screen or Freezes

Your camera freezing or showing a black screen is one of the more common issues of which people complain when it comes to iPhones. You should first try and figure out if the problem has to do with your hardware or software.

  1. Make a Facetime call to a friend, or use another video chatting app, and see if it works.
  2. If your camera works fine when you’re making a video call, then it is likely a software issue, which is easier to fix. If you see a black screen when you try to Facetime, then you need to contact Apple Support.

iPhone Facetime Test

Force the Camera App to Close

If you try to use the camera and you see a closed lens or the image is extremely dark, then force-quit the camera app.

  1. Tap the Home button twice.
  2. You should see small previews of apps that you recently closed.
  3. Locate the Camera app and swipe up to close it.

iPhone Camera App

Try Resetting Your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone to the default setting works for lots of problems, and that includes camera issues. It should be your next logical step.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head to General, then go to Reset.
  3. Hit Reset All Settings.
  4. Try to use the camera again and see if the issue is fixed. If it isn’t, keep reading.

iPhone Reset All Settings

iPhone Camera Still Not Working? Restart the Phone

Restarting the iPhone might also cure whatever is going on with your camera.

  1. Press down the Home and the Power/Sleep button at the same time. Wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen.
  2. Let go of both of the buttons at the same time, and your iPhone should restart. Don’t worry, though: you will not lose any of your sensitive data.
  3. Check the camera app to see if that has rectified the problem.

iPhone Apple Logo

Set Up the iPhone as New

If your camera is still not cooperating, you might be looking at a Camera app issue that is happening because you restored an old backup of your phone. If you erase your iPhone and set it up so that it is as-new, that might fix the camera. Note before you do this, though, that all of your data will be gone from the device. That includes photos, music, contacts, etc. You should back up that data with iCloud before taking this step.

  1. Hit Settings, then General.
  2. Tap Reset, then hit Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. After your content is erased, you will see the “Hello” message come up on the screen. You can now either set it up as a new iPhone or restore a backup. In this case, you’ll want to proceed with the first option.
  4. Once your “new” phone is set up, you can retrieve your data from iCloud. Try the camera again and see if it’s working.

iPhone Erase All Content and Settings

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What if the Flash on Your iPhone Camera is Not Working?

The camera on your iPhone comes with a built-in flash. If it’s not working, then many of the pictures you take are going to be of inferior quality. You also might see the camera’s flash not syncing up correctly with the shots you’re taking. If either of these is happening, try these steps.

  1. If your phone is in a bumper or a case, then remove it.
  2. Check that the flash lens is clean and that there are no obstructions. You can use a polishing cloth to clean it if there is any gunk or buildup.
  3. You should see a lightning bolt in the upper left-hand corner of the screen as you are trying to take a picture. Tap it to make sure that the flash is on.
  4. Restart your iPhone by pressing and holding down the Power/Sleep and Home buttons at the same time.
  5. From the Control Center, turn on the Flashlight If it works with no problems, that indicates that whatever is happening with the flash has been fixed.
  6. You can also try turning off the Camera location services. Go to Settings, then tap Privacy. Go to Location Services and switch it off for the camera app.

iPhone Flashlight

How About if the Camera is Blurry or it Won’t Focus?

This is another issue that is relatively common with iPhone cameras. The best advice we can give is for you to make sure that you are keeping your hand steady when you tap the shutter button. You can also get yourself a mount or a mobile tripod on which to set the camera. There are some different ones on the market that are modestly priced.

You’ll also need to check that the camera’s lenses are clean. If there is a smudge, you can wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. If there is debris or dirt inside the glass, then that is an issue that you likely cannot fix so easily on your own. You’ll need an authorized service provider or an Apple Store to let the Geniuses do their work.

What if Your Photos are Flipped On their Side When Transferred?

This final issue is one that also happens somewhat frequently with iPhone camera images. If you have a horizontally-oriented photo, it will get flipped onto its side when you transfer it to something like a laptop or tablet.

If this happens, the easiest solution will probably be to edit the photo on your phone. Make sure it is the correct orientation before you transfer it to another device. You can also modify it with a photo editor once it is on your computer.

There are also third-party apps like Camera+ that you can use on your phone so that the pictures are always oriented correctly. The only potential issue with going that route is that these camera apps take longer to launch than the tools that are already available to you on your iPhone. If that doesn’t bother you, then this could be a viable option.