How to Upgrade Your iPhone – Easy Solutions

Every fall, Apple’s releases its latest iPhones. Packed with the newest features and specs, it’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade your phone. For the vast majority of people, however, it’s not just about buying a new phone. You also need to figure out what to do with your old one. So if you want to learn how to upgrade your iPhone then check out the different strategies in this article. 

What’s the Easiest Way to Upgrade My Phone?

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Whether your old phone is on its last legs or you like staying ahead of the pack, most people still like to get some value from their current device. It offsets the cost an upgrade. There are a variety of upgrade plans out there, but they can be tricky to navigate and not cost-effective. The best way to get the latest iPhone is to sell your phone to an online retailer like Buyback Boss.

With Buyback Boss, you get the highest guaranteed price for your old phone with no hassle. Simply follow a few steps, send in your phone, and you’ll have your money in no time. In the meantime, you can buy and start using Apple’s latest products. However, don’t forget to sync and backup everything to iCloud before you sell your device. 

The Benefits of Using a Buyback Service

  • Highest resale price guaranteed
  • Easy to use
  • No long term contract commitments
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Eco-friendly

Sell Your Phone to a Private Buyer

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Some people choose to sell their phone privately via eBay, Craigslist, or through another channel. Selling your phone privately may increase the amount of money you can get for your phone. However, this is never guaranteed as many buyers are looking for the best deal possible. Moreover, you have to deal with the headache of finding buyers, arranging meetups, and ensuring you actually receive the money for your phone. When you factor the additional time and other expenses of a private sale, it’s often not worth it. 

What About Upgrade Plans?

Most major telecom providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offer some sort of upgrade plan. Apple has also launched its own version in the last couple of years. Although these plans do have benefits, you need to make some considerations before you enroll in one of them. 

To begin with, upgrade plans lock you into a certain telecom provider and phone contract. If you want to break the contract for any reason, you likely will have to pay a hefty fee. Even Apple’s plan is quite restrictive. For example, you have to make a minimum of 12 payments before they’ll let you upgrade. Before you choose any plan, be sure to read all the terms and conditions. 

Advantages of Upgrade Plans

  • Providers can include insurance programs with the new phone
  • Integrate monthly service fees with device bill 

Drawbacks of Upgrade Plans

  • Locks you into a minimum 12-month contract
  • Penalties and fees if breaking/altering terms
  • Often not the best value for your old device
  • More expensive long term costs

How to Upgrade Your Phone Smoothly

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Regardless of whether you choose to upgrade your phone via a buyback service or through an upgrade plan, you still should follow these steps to make your transition as smooth as possible. Do note, it’s much easier to purchase your new iPhone before you get rid of your old one. This way you can spend a few days making sure everything you wanted has transferred from your previous device. This is another benefit of using buyback platforms.

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1. Sync Your Previous Device to the Cloud

Make sure everything on your previous device has not only been synced with iCloud but any other services you use like Google Drive or Dropbox. You don’t want to lose any important photos, videos, files, or downloaded content. 

2. Check Your Apps

This is particularly important for purchased apps. Unfortunately, if you are migrating from Android to iPhone, you may not be able to recover all your purchases. However, some apps do offer cross-platform support. Check your apps and make sure to include account recovery tools by linking them to your phone number, email, and social media accounts. 

3. Sign into iCloud on Your New Device

This will authorize your new iPhone. You can proceed to the App store to recover all of your apps and other purchases. From here, you can also sync to iCloud to download all stored content onto your device. 

4. Erase All Data on Your Old Phone 

Spend a few days and make sure everything you need has been transferred from your old device. Take your time and go through your phone routine. It’s easy to forget apps you may not use on a daily basis. After you have successfully transferred everything then go to your settings and erase everything on your previous device. You want a complete system refresh to ensure your data is safe.

5. Pack, Ship, and Get Your Money

After this, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Print out your free shipping invoice, place your old phone in a padded box and send away. You’ll get your money within a couple of weeks through Paypal or check depending on your preferences.

[Solved] How to Upgrade iPhone

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Upgrading your iPhone is easy. The biggest step is selecting how you’re going to sell your old device. Although there are a few benefits to upgrade plans provided by major telecom companies or selling your phone privately, the drawbacks greatly outweigh the advantages. Besides not getting the best value for your phone, there are numerous other hassles associated with these strategies. So the best way to upgrade your iPhone is using a buyback service. With Buyback Boss, you get the best value for your phone, with no hassle, no contracts, and no stress. In fact, the hardest part won’t be selling your old phone but trying to figure out which of Apple’s amazing new products you want for your new one!