How to Fix an iPad Screen

Do you own an iPad? If you do, then you probably enjoy the many features and functions of this bestselling Apple product. The iPad is one of the better tablets you can get, as you can watch movies and TV shows on it, play games, answer emails, make and receive video calls, and much more. If your iPad screen is broken, though, then you’re not going to be able to do any of that, and the device is rendered useless. You’ll need to get it fixed before it is of any use to you again. Here is everything that you should know about getting your broken screen repaired.

How to Fix an iPad Screen

Can Apple Fix Your iPad Screen for You?

It makes sense to go to the maker of a product if some element of it needs to be repaired, and it is certainly possible to get a damaged iPad screen fixed through Apple. You can send your iPad in for service if you visit their website. They’ll instruct you on how to package and ship it, and give you the address to where it must be sent.

It doesn’t take Apple very long to replace or repair a damaged iPad screen. You can expect them to be sending your device back within 3-5 business days. They might also decide to replace the device entirely if other elements besides the screen turn out to be damaged. They’ll ask your permission before doing that, though.

What Does it Cost for Apple to Fix an iPad Screen?

The cost of the repairs for a damaged iPad screen depends on several factors. Your iPad typically comes with a one-year warranty if you got it brand-new. However, accidental damage to the screen is not covered under that policy.

If you got the AppleCare+ package, then up to two incidents of accidental damage are covered under it. You’ll be charged a $49 service fee for each one.

There are out-of-warranty costs that you can pay for getting different iPad screens replaced. For the iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2, it’s $199. For the iPad, iPad 2, iPad Air, or a Generation 5,6, or 7 of the iPad, it will be $299. If you have an iPad Pro 9.7-inch or a 3rd Generation iPad Air, it will be $379. For the iPad Pro 10.5-inch, it will cost $449. For the iPad Pro 11-inch, you’re looking at $499, and for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch and the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd Generation, it is $599. For the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd Generation, the replacement screen will run you $649.

There is also a $6.95 shipping fee for any one of these devices that you send through the mail to Apple for repairs.

How Should You Prepare Your iPad Before You Get the Screen Fixed?

Apple has some instructions that are worth mentioning before you pop your iPad into the mail and send it to them to get a new screen installed. You should follow as many of these steps as you can. If the broken screen has rendered the device completely inoperable, then obviously you won’t be able to do any of this.

The first thing they want you to do is to back up your iPad. You can do this through iCloud. Connect your iPad to a trusted Wi-Fi network, then go to Settings, Your Name, then tap iCloud. Hit iCloud Backup. Hit Back Up Now, and make sure that you stay connected to Wi-Fi until the process is complete. It will probably take a couple of minutes.

Back Up iPad Before Getting Screen Fixed

Next, go to Settings, then Messages, and turn off the iMessage feature. Erase the iPad. Do this by heading to Settings, then General. Go to Reset, then Erase All Content and Settings. If you’re asked to do so, then enter your Apple ID and passcode. Disable the Activation Lock feature. Remove any case or screen protector that the iPad is in, and finally, remove the SIM card. You can do this with a SIM card removal tool, or a straightened paperclip works as well. Keep the SIM card somewhere safe until you get the repaired iPad returned to you.

Erase Content Before iPad Screen Fix

Now, you’re ready to send in the device for that screen repair.

What About Taking Your iPad to an Apple Store to Fix a Broken Screen?

You can also take the iPad to an Apple Store with a Genius Bar if the screen breaks. That’s easier in some ways, as you don’t need to pack it up and wait for the several days of transit time. If you have decided to go that route, then Apple wants you to follow these steps before you do so.

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Apple Store to Fix iPad Screen

Back up the iPad first, as we described above. Next, have your Apple ID password ready. You might need to give it to the Apple Store employees. If you have the original sales receipt that you got when you bought the iPad, bring that. It’s best to have a form of personal ID with you, like a driver’s license or a passport. Before you head to the Genius Bar, it’s also helpful if you call first to set up an appointment.

If you live somewhere there are no Apple Stores handy, then sending the device through the mail is probably going to be your best option.

Are there Other Options for Fixing an iPad Screen?

It’s also likely that you will find some other service and repair options for your iPad. There are individuals or entities who’ll probably tell you that they can fix or repair the screen, and at a lower price than what you’ll be giving to Apple.

Electronics Store to Fix iPad Screen

It’s true that Apple’s repair prices may seem expensive. That is particularly the case if you have a more recent version of the iPad. It’s the same if you have an iPhone or any other Apple product: the newer and fancier it is, the more you’re going to have to pay to get that replacement. That’s hardly unique to Apple, though. The same would be true of Samsung or any other company that manufactures electronics.

It’s probably not the best idea to get your screen fixed somewhere else besides a licensed Apple Store or through the Apple website. You know with these sources precisely what you’re going to get because they’re proven commodities. They have the exact parts that you need, and if the screen cannot be fixed, they’ll have the equivalent iPad ready for you to replace the one that’s broken.

In the case of your using some random electronics store, you have no idea if the person who will be doing the replacement has the specific training to get the job done correctly. You also don’t know if the parts that they are using are right for your iPad. The new screen they give you might be a cut-rate knockoff. It might not cost you as much up-front if you go this route, but don’t be surprised if the new screen starts giving you problems before much time has elapsed.

All things considered, it’s better to pay a little more to get your iPad’s screen fixed through Apple, either at a Genius Bar or through the mail. You’ll know exactly what it is that you are getting, and you should be enjoying your repaired iPad again in short order.