How And Why You Should Recycle Your iPhone

You just got a new phone. Hurray! Your life is refreshed; the world is new and brave. But something in the shadows lurks.

You feel its eyes from behind, watching you, silently seething. It’s… your old phone.

Basically your phone now

What to do with that pesky old used phone?

It almost seems wrong to give it away, but, being realistic, it’s just taking up space on your shelf. It’s time to thank it for its service and cast it back into the proverbial ocean. But how? What’s the best way to get rid of an old phone?

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Recycle Your iPhone!

Recycling your old phone is good for the environment, whether you’re giving it to someone else or letting the powers that be scrap it for parts. Many (including the state of California) consider mobile phones hazardous waste, as phones that end up in landfills can leach chemicals into groundwater systems. Besides that, saving the things that are inside your phone – like energy and precious metals – saves us the energy and pollution that would go into making or recovering those things anew.

According to ThoughtCo., “If Americans recycled all of the 130 million cell phones that are tossed aside annually in the United States, we could save enough energy to power more than 24,000 homes for a year.” Dang! They have lots of other incredible facts about how recycling your phone helps the environment here, if you’re not convinced (or just want to check it out).

iPhone Recycling
Electronic waste makes up 2% of all waste in the US and 70% of the heavy metals in our landfills. 2% might not sound like much, but 2% of your genome is the difference between you and a chimpanzee. Besides, if you could eliminate 2% of all our landfills, why wouldn’t you? Well, recycling your phone is a start.
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Benefits of Recycling Your iPhone

You’ve got my attention, but how does recycling help me? Glad you asked! Well, if making your beautiful earth cleaner isn’t enough, don’t worry, we’ve got more great reasons to recycle your phone! You can finally clear out your old phone drawer – we all have the drawer, come on – to make room for all your collectible spoons or whatever it is that you love. Plus, you can even get cash for your old phone(s).

If you haven’t upgraded your phone yet, you can put that money toward that new phone. If you have, well, why not use it to buy something that will make you happy? It’s certainly better than letting those old phones rot forever in a drawer, wondering what it is they did to deserve your ire.

Benefits of Recycling

iPhone Recycle Program

Ok, fine. You’ve convinced me! How do I do it? Great! Well, you can’t just drop it in the blue bin, if that’s what you’re thinking. The easiest way is through an iPhone buyback program. What’s that, you say? Well, a buyback is just what it sounds like – a company will buy your phone back from you for whatever it’s worth in its current condition, and they’ll take the recycling of the phone from there. You can use a website – say, for example, – to do it!

With a good buyback program, the process is simple. You can get a quote immediately by telling them a bit about your phone (what generation it is and what condition it’s in). With, we’ll send you a shipping label so it’s free for you to send us the phone, and then we’ll send you a check or PayPal payment (your choice) as soon as we receive the phone.

Company iPhone Recycle Program

What if my phone comes from my company?

Your employer may also recycle phones, especially if your company provides and/or upgrades their employees’ phones. If they don’t already, they certainly should! Organizations can benefit from a buyback program too: it’s so easy and, as we’ve said, it’s better for everyone when old phones don’t end up in a landfill. is happy to buyback in bulk if your company is looking to recycle old phones. It’s the same deal and just as convenient: you can sell them all at once, we’ll give you an instant quote and free shipping, and you’ll have your money sent to you quickly and without any hassle.

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So, to sum things up…

You should definitely recycle your phone, and we here at want to help! You’ll be saving the planet and helping yourself, so why wouldn’t you? Get your instant quote now by visiting our homepage!

P.S. Not an Apple person? Yikes! Well, the reasons for recycling your phone remain the same. There are many other buyback programs out there – your phone provider might have one, or the company that made your device, or you can just research the best places to sell back/recycle your particular device, whatever it may be. There are many other internet-based services like ours for other kinds of devices and they’re, well, probably almost as good.