Google Pixel 4 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

For years, the two main competitors for the top of the line smartphones were Samsung and Apple. In 2016, that all changed with the release of the first Google Pixel. Google has recently unveiled the Pixel 4. It’s a remarkable device packed with tons of innovative new features. 

But does it hold up to the high standards of Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S10? with Samsung, you get a high-end hardware look and feel while Google offers a more all-around experience. So, which one is right for you? Let’s take a look and see Google Pixel 4 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S10: 

Google Pixel Phones

Which Phone has the Better Design?

Google Pixel Rear

In the last few years, smartphone design has come a long way. What used to be revolutionary is yesterday’s news. So even though it’s sleek and thin, many critics are describing the Google Pixel as a little boring. 

They’ve shaved off the distinctive touches from older models like the two-tone back panel for plain glass. What’s most noticeable about the Google Pixel 4 is its large bezel. Whereas other companies have worked to minimize or remove this, it’s still quite big in the Pixel. 

The Galaxy S10 is sleek. Even the budget Galaxy S10e looks like a premium phone while the higher-end models are unmatched in terms of design. The bezel is tiny and the phone is distinguished by its signature punch-hole display. 

There’s no notch just a small spot for the camera on the front. It comes in many great colors and is easily one of the most beautiful phones of the year compared to everyone. It’s not a contest, Samsung easily wins in this category. 

Google Display Vs. Samsung Display

Samsung Galaxy S10

This is another category where Samsung dominates competition including Apple. The Galaxy S10 has the best screen on the market. It’s 6.1 inches, Dynamic AMOLED, and always vivid and gorgeous. 

The Pixel uses a 5.7in OLED 1080P display. Compared to phones a few years ago, it’s very good. It does, however, have a benefit over the Samsung. It uses a 90HZ refresh rate. This means you navigate through apps and webpages much smoother and quicker than even the Samsung. Overall, both displays are great but neither has everything. So it’s a draw in this category.

Both have an IP68 water rating. This good but you don’t want to take them to the swimming pool if you don’t have to. 

Camera Comparison: Pixel Vs. Galaxy

Google Pixel 4

The Samsung Galaxy S10 features a triple-lens rear camera, made up of a 12MP f/2.4 telephoto lens with optical image stabilization (OIS), a 12MP dual-pixel lens, and a 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens, with no OIS. With all this tech, you’ll get great everyday shots, good night time pictures, but it’s not amazing. 

Google Pixel 4 is another reason why more cameras don’t equal better. It uses two cameras, a wide-angle and telephoto and does more than Samsung does with its three. Using advanced software it can extra huge amounts of detail in many situations and other tools to make night shots and better. 

The front camera is equally awesome. The reason for the “notch” that gives it a less appealing design is for 3D scanners for proper facial scanning compared to the Galaxy S10 2D scanning which isn’t as secure. 

Performance: Google Pixel 4 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Pixel 4 use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Chip so performance is quite similar. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has 8GB of RAM while the Google Pixel only 6 GB, but there’s no major difference in speed.

Battery and Storage: Google Vs. Samsung

The biggest complaint you’ll see about the Pixel is its battery life. Of all the new details and tech, Google poured in this phone, this was a major lapse. The Pixel 4 has a small 2,800mAh battery. With moderate use, you get about a full day though you’ll need to top up if you push it. 

The Galaxy S10 starts with a bigger 3,400mAh pack and gets bigger as you move up Galaxy models. It can last a full day of moderate to heavy use no problem. 

Both phones do have wireless charging but you charge other wireless-charge devices from the Galaxy S10. 

Few phone companies can keep up with Samsung’s storage options. The base Galaxy S10 starts with 128 GB and goes up to 512 GB. And you can use a microSD card for cheap, extra storage. On the other hand, you only have 64 and 128 GB options for the Pixel. And there’s no extra storage option. 

Google does have a few hardware perks it’s added. One is Motion Sense gestures which don’t always work well and definitely not essential. 

Which One? Google Pixel 4 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

 Galaxy S10 Samsung

Google Pixel 4 is a good phone. But when you stack it up next to the Samsung Galaxy is just doesn’t compare. The only category it really performs well in is the camera. But the Galaxy S10 still has a great camera too. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a better phone. 

The one area Google Pixel 4 beats Samsung is price. It starts $100 cheaper than the Galaxy S10 (not counting the Galaxy S10e) model. But for the extra $100 you’re getting better display, design, battery life and storage capacity. Google’s doing some exciting stuff and you should definitely keep an eye on them in the future. But for now, you’re better off sticking to the leading smartphone, the Galaxy S10. 

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