Getting The Most Out Of Your iPhone For Pet Owners

You love your pet. You love your pet so much, you occasionally refer to it as your “fur baby”. You love your pet so much, your friends occasionally refer to you as “the weird one” – if you still have friends. Pet care takes a lot of time and effort! Not to mention that a pet at home is a great excuse to skip a night on the town or twenty. Plus, who needs dumb old human friends when you have a fluffy, fluffy best friend?

Sure, they don’t talk much and they never take a turn at the dishes, but your dog, cat, or [insert other pet here] is truly the love of your life. So why not give that pet all the space in your iPhone too? Here are some great apps and accessories to enhance your pet owning experience:

Pose A Pet

Pose A Pet

Use pet-attracting sounds to get your critter to finally look at the camera while you try to capture its perfect, adorable, candid moments.

Take better photos of your pet using photographer-tested sounds to get their attention.

Rescue animals? Create posters on the free app for animals looking for a home and share to social media.

App Cost: FREE

Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog

Speaking of social media, why not put your phone to work finding friends for your dog instead of googling your ex’s new girlfriend for once? Meet My Dog is a social site for meeting other dog owners. You can chat about vets, pet products, and so on, and even find nearby playmates for your pup.

Find out what’s up with your neighborhood furry pals or make new friends for your dog.

Love dogs? You can find one to hang out with… with your dog. You do have a dog, right?

This would be a great way to start a rom-com.

Or maybe a sitcom episode. Someone pretends they have a dog to meet dogs (or singles?) but they don’t really have a dog.

Not advocating for doing that.

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Ok, yes, I am. I mean, come on!

App Cost: FREE

Cat Fishing

Cat Fishing

We did one for dogs, so here’s an app just for all you cat people. This is an iPhone (or iPad, if you’re fancy) game for your cat. Simple as that.

Let your cat try to catch fish on your mobile device.

End up playing the game yourself for a while.

App Cost: FREE


Whistle Pet GPS & App

If your dog decides to go find friends on her own, or your cat leaves to try fishing out for real, Whistle can help you get them back. This is a great addition to pet safety technology, though not exactly a replacement for microchipping them. After all, collars fall off and batteries die. But Whistle has the benefit of not requiring someone else to find your pet before you can find them. Whistle’s website says, “No more lost pets.” We can only hope that turns out to be true!

If you have an animal 10 lbs. or over (sorry, hamster owners), you can get a Whistle GPS tracker and attach it to their collar.

Receive alerts when your pets leave a designated area and know where they are within minutes of losing them.

As an added bonus, it also helps you track your pet’s activity levels to know if they’re getting enough exercise.

App Cost: FREE, GPS: Usually $79 but currently on sale for $49.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid

Speaking of bad things happening, Pet First Aid. If you really want to get the most out of your iPhone as a pet owner, Pet First Aid by American Red Cross is definitely the one app to have. It covers dog and cat problems (you can toggle between the two animals) with detailed instructions about how to identify and deal with a wide variety of common health issues for pets. It can also find nearby veterinary hospitals, store your vet’s phone number, and keep track of general information about your pet. Plus, the app provides handy tips and tricks for training your pet, traveling with them, and lots more.

Learn more about your pet’s health and day-to-day living with animals.

Find out how to deal with emergency situations.

Always have important information at your fingertips.

App Cost: FREE



Now that we’ve talked about things that can go wrong, you might feel like keeping a closer eye on your animal. Petcube allows you to see, speak to, and play with your pet throughout the day. A great tool for those who have as much separation anxiety as their dog – or who just care about their animals, which is nice, don’t listen to me! It’s a piece of equipment that connects to your iPhone via a free app.

Watch your dog not listen to you as you tell her to stop chewing on the couch.

Get your cat all riled up with a laser pointer on your lunch break, and then leave him confused and broken hearted when it suddenly disappears because you have a meeting.

Talk to Captain Fluffers from your desk all morning instead of working.

App: FREE, Home Equipment: $142.99, but totally worth it

The Renaissance Pet

The Renaissance Pet iPhone Case

Last but certainly not least, if you want the world to know just how much you value your pet, you’ll need this iPhone case. How better to express your adoration for your animal companion than with a phone case that depicts him or her, inserted into a lush Renaissance portrait? How better to use your iPhone to augment your pet owning experience?

Your pet’s face, beautifully rendered in a lovely portrait on the back of your phone.

Conversation piece on dates! Good luck out there!

Price: $49.99

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