Funny iPhone Memes to Brighten Your Day

Rough day?

Just bored?

Need some kooky iPhone-centric internet content to cheer you up?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the funniest iPhone memes, pics, and other chuckle-inducing internet content to soothe your weary eyes after a long, hard day of whatever you do:

iPhone 10


When a new iPhone comes out, everybody wants to talk about the new features, good or bad – but especially the bad. There’s something so tempting about a little bit of schadenfreude. Some people, though, take it a little further than others!

Check out these hilarious images reflecting on the new iPhone 7:

The Emperor Has No Phone
No Jack


Oh yeah, that’s good.

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We must admit, it’ll be interesting to see how the decision to remove headphone jacks from the iPhone will shake out. In the meantime, for all we’ve complained about them in the past, we all might just find ourselves missing those ol’ wiry, tangled up earbuds.

R.I.P. Headphones


Schadenfreude’s one thing, but do you ever start to resent your phone? The way it follows you everywhere and seems to almost dictate your life? Sometimes, on your lowest days, you might even find yourself asking, “Why did I buy this iPhone?”

Of course, we know you’re just lashing out (who could hate their iPhone? That’s crazy!). Unless, of course, you only have an iPhone because you couldn’t quite find what you needed elsewhere.


Wrong Droids


But most of the time, we love our phones. Maybe we even spend a little too much time doting on them. Anyone want to get matching tattoos with me? Thinking something like this:

Find My Phone


It’s true, we take them everywhere: to work, to the bathroom, even to bed with us, which can land us in some awkward situations. This one looks familiar to… well, probably anyone who owns a smartphone. I know I’ve done this a thousand times or more!

Phone To The Face


Over time, we start to humanize – even anthropomorphize – our phones. They’re so well-designed, we start seeing ourselves in the smallest of details. Shaking. Cold. Hoping not to be deleted from our jobs because we spent too much time, umm, refreshing in the background and having been taking up too much space lately. Haven’t we all been there?

Spare My App Family


But in the end, it’s all just simple fun, and our phones are our tools – not our keepers. Or so we think…

Well, hope this cheered you up a bit!

I, Phone