How to Erase Your Device

You will need to erase your device before sending in your phone.
Choose your device below for instructions.

How To Remove an Account Remotely from your Desktop or Laptop:

  1. Sign into your Samsung Account on your mobile device or computer. (Sign in page here
  2. Choose “Password and Security”
  3. Confirm your password
  4. Choose “Devices” to see all of the current devices associated with your account.
  5. Choose the “LOG OUT” button associated with the device you’d like to remove
  6. Choose “CONFIRM” to finalize the removal.

How To Remove an Account Manually Using Your Device:

  1. Go into “Settings”
  2. Choose “Accounts and Backup”
  3. Choose “Accounts”
  4. Choose “Personal Info” then “More Options” (three vertical dots)
  5. Choose “Remove Account”
  6. Review the information, and choose “Remove”
  7. Enter your password to confirm your identity and then choose “OK”