Does MetroPCS Have iPhones?

There are a lot of different cellular service providers from which to choose. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile take up a lot of the market share, but there are others, like MetroPCS, that are well worth considering. MetroPCS has some phone plans that are reasonably priced and come with attractive perks. One of the foremost reasons to sign up with MetroPCS would be their extensive collection of smartphones. In this article, we’ll tackle the question of whether or not MetroPCS has iPhones, and whether it would be worth it to get one from them.

Does MetroPCS Have iPhones

The Different Ways of Getting a Phone from MetroPCS

iPhone 11 MetroPCS

Let’s say that you’re looking at MetroPCS or any other cellular service provider. One of the factors that should come into play is whether you have a phone already or if you’re going to need to buy or lease one from the company in question. If you have your own phone already, then that simplifies the equation somewhat. You can just take your phone to the provider and ask them if they make and model you have can run on their network. Unless it is a lesser-known brand, you’ll probably be fine.

If you don’t have a phone, though, then you’ll need to decide whether to buy one from the cellular service provider or whether leasing one is more appealing to you. If you purchase a phone from MetroPCS, then you can go the cheaper route by getting one from a few years ago. Buying one that is gently used and several generations old can drive the price down significantly. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then that’s undoubtedly going to be worth considering.

You can also get a brand-new, high-end phone from MetroPCS, or whatever other company you choose. If you do that, then you have the option of paying for the whole thing all at once. It is your prerogative whether you want to do that. However, keep in mind that the newest phones with all of the best features don’t come cheap. It would not be unusual to expect to pay as much as $1,000 or even $1,200 for a brand-new iPhone or Galaxy model.

You can also buy the new phone but pay for it in installments. This way means that you put no money down, or not very much. However, your cost per month is going to go up considerably, because you’re paying for the phone as part of your bill, along with the costs of whatever plan you chose.

The one other thing that you can do is to lease the phone with no intention of ever buying it. You could sign up for a two-year contract, for instance. If you’re willing to pay more, then you can have one of the latest phones for those two years. Once your contract is up, then you can sign up for a new one and get a new phone at that point as well.

Whichever option sounds best to you is going to be entirely your choice. No two consumers are the same when it comes to their wants and needs, so there’s no wrong or right answer in this area.

Some of the Better iPhones that MetroPCS Has

The iPhone XS Max is Offered by MetroPCS

To get back to the question of whether MetroPCS has iPhones, the answer is that indeed they do, and they have a pretty good selection of them as well. It’s worth your while to look at the iPhone if you’re getting ready to sign up with MetroPCS. It’s not by chance that it’s a worldwide bestseller. iPhone has been a consistent innovator over the years, and their various models have features that are sure to come in handy for you.

There are a total of ten different Apple phones that MetroPCS offers right now on their website. You can get an iPhone XS Max 64GB in gold for $899.99 at the moment when you switch over from another provider. Taxes and an activation fee are extra, so it’s actually closer to $1,000 when you take all of that into account. If you’re able to drop that much money all at once, then you’re getting one of the better smartphones that are currently on the market. However, if you wanted to pay for the phone gradually over time, that’s possible as well.

You can also score an iPhone 11 64GB in black for $599.99 plus taxes and activation at the moment. That price is quite reasonable when you take into account that you are getting one of the most recent iPhone models with the improved camera features. That version comes with a 6.1” liquid retina HD LCD display that’s really gorgeous. Phones don’t come much better than this for streaming shows and movies or playing video games.

What About Cheaper iPhones from MetroPCS?

There are also some cheaper iPhone models from MetroPCS if you’re not comfortable spending as much for a smartphone. For instance, the iPhone 7 32GB in black will cost you only $99.99 at the moment if you switch providers, plus taxes and activation. That model comes with a 4.7-inch retina HD display with Wide Color as well as 3D touch.

Best Priced iPhones at MetroPCS

You could also get an iPhone 6 Plus 32GB in space gray for $99.99, plus taxes and activation when you switch. The 5MP Face Time HD camera with the Retina Flash is probably the best feature for that model. A third option is the iPhone 6S 32GB in rose gold. That one will cost you a very affordable $49.99 when you switch, plus taxes and the activation fee.

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iPhone 6 Plus from MetroPCS

As you can see, MetroPCS has several options if you’ve got your heart set on an iPhone and you like the sound of some of their plans. Whether you are signing up by yourself or you’re going in with some family or friends on a multiple-line plan, you’ll be in good shape if you commit to the iPhone.

If you’re a tech aficionado, then it’s likely that you’re going to want one of the newer iPhone models. There is nothing wrong with that, but remember that you’re going to be paying more for it. The lower prices for some of the older generation iPhones are worth thinking about, though.

MetroPCS Cell Service

These phones might not have all of the bells and whistles of the more recent ones, but they have proven themselves dependable. Going with a generation 6 or 7 can save you hundreds of dollars at this juncture. Maybe you’re in high school or college or you’re on a fixed income. Perhaps you’re dealing with hefty child support payments or medical bills. In any of those scenarios, then saving money by getting a cheaper phone might be the most sensible way to go.