Main Differences Between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS

The iPhone X has become one of the most popular models that Apple has ever produced, as it features lots of exciting and useful tech that has gotten rave reviews. If you are thinking about getting one, though, you might be having a hard time deciding between the XR and XS models. Let’s look at some of the notable differences between them so that you can be sure to get the one that fits your needs best.

The iPhone XR

The Price Difference Between the iPhone XR and the XS

The first consideration when it comes to the differences between these two models has to be the price. Neither of these phones comes cheap, but the XR, on average, costs as much as $250 less than the XS. If you’re opting for the XS, you’re going to be shelling out $999.99 if you get one from either Amazon or a brick-and-mortar store like Best Buy.

The XR will run you $749 for the 64 GB model. That’s a significant difference, so think it over before you open your wallet.

The iPhone XS

The Design Elements of the iPhone XR and the XS

At first glance, these two phone models might seem quite similar to each other. The XR comes in more colorful hues, but few people are going to make that the determining factor when trying to choose between them.

The iPhone XR is cheaper, but the display screen is larger. It is 6.1 inches versus 5.8 in the case of the XS. Most people who want that larger screen are prioritizing things like watching movies or TV shows on their phones, or gaming. If you often use your iPhone for those purposes, then the XR may be the superior option for you.

iPhone XR vs XS: Display Quality

There are several features of the two phone models that are identical if you compare them side by side. For instance, they both run iOS 12. They both have an Apple A12 Bionic Processor, and they each feature video recording in 4K at 24/30/60 fps, or 1080 slo-mo at 240 fps.

The display quality of the XS, though, is undeniably better than that of the XR, and that is part of what accounts for the price difference. The XS features a Super Retina Display that is 2436×1125, 458 ppi OLED. The XR’s display is a Liquid Retina Display that is 1792×828, 326 ppi LCD.

In simple English, that means the picture and video quality of the XS is superior to that of the XR. The display of the XS is about as good as the technology has gotten to this point, though rumor has it that the quality of the iPhone 11 is going to outdo even that.

With the XS you get vibrant color that the LCD display of the XR cannot reproduce. The OLED screen of the XS gives you deeper blacks and a higher pixel count that makes images appear less grainy. Again, though, you’ll have to ask yourself if it is worth that $250 difference.

The Dual Rear Camera of the iPhone XS

One of the other significant differences between the XS and the XR models is that the XS comes with a 12 Mp wide-angle camera, f/1.8, OIS + 12Mp telephoto, as well as an f/2.4, OIS, optical zoom, 10X digital zoom, Portrait Lighting, Portrait Mode, and a quad-LED flash. The XR comes with some of that, but the telephoto with the optical zoom and the 10X digital zoom feature are notably missing.

All of that might not mean a lot to you unless you know a good deal about photography. Again, to simplify matters, let’s just say that the photographic and video-taking abilities of the XS are superior to that of the XR. If you take a lot of pictures and video with your iPhone because you want to post them to social media, for instance, then you may want to opt for the more expensive XS for that reason alone.

iPhone XS Taking Pictures

The Difference in Battery Life Between the iPhone XS and the XR

One area where the XR has it over the XS is when it comes to battery life. That is because the LCD screen that the XR has is more energy-efficient than that of the XS. The XR also has a bigger battery capacity. If that is a source of concern for you, know that you’ll likely be able to go longer without a phone recharge if you get the XR.

The Apps and Software

Both phone versions come with iOS 12 installed, and, like all Apple phones, you’ll get updates as they become available. You also get the Memoji feature on both phones that will allow you to send a live, reactive emoji of yourself to others who have iMessage. It’s a fun, silly feature that you may have seen highlighted in the commercials when these two phones were coming out.

The Verdict: Which iPhone is Better?

When it is time to decide between the iPhone XS and the XR, it’s almost impossible to say that one is superior to the other. Your opinion on that will likely depend entirely on what you prioritize in a phone. To sum up, you get a cheaper phone with the XR, better battery life, and some different color options that some people enjoy.

With the XS, you get superior picture and video-taking ability that will satisfy your inner shutterbug. You get a sharper image on your phone that is ideal for watching movies and shows.If you’re on the go a lot and you depend on your iPhone for entertainment, this is likely to be a deciding factor for you. On the other hand, you’re dropping significantly more money for this option.

You should know that both of these phones have received almost universally high ratings from users. Any reports of bugs have been minor, and when you get a new one, it also comes with Apple’s factory warranty. Perhaps that will be enough to convince you to hop on board the juggernaut that is iPhone if you’ve stuck with Android up till now.

iPhone XS and XR