Change Your Apple ID Email – A Step-By-Step-Guide

How much do you know about your Apple ID? Your Apple ID is the identifying profile that you use when you log into your Apple devices, such as your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. When you set up your Apple ID, you input quite a bit of information, such as your name, billing address, primary credit card, and email. But what if some of that information changes, like your primary email, for instance? If so, you’ll need to access your Apple ID and change it. In this article, we’ll talk about some times you might have to do that, and we’ll also explain how to change your apple ID email.

Change Apple ID Email at the Account Page

The Process of Creating Your Apple ID

My Apple ID Webpage

You can create an Apple ID account for free when you go to the My Apple ID webpage. When you do so, you will be required to use a valid email address. That could be a third-party address, or you could have one that’s tied into Apple hosting, like an address. 

You will also have to put in a string of at least eight alphanumeric, case-sensitive characters. Apple then sends a verification email to the email address that you used. In that verification email is a URL link that you have to follow to officially activate the account. 

It’s possible to create an Apple ID without specifying a credit card, but most people add one for the sake of convenience. They can use it in the future when they make any purchases through Apple, like on iTunes, for instance.

Make iTunes Purchases with Your Apple ID

As you can see, though, the email that you use is one of the most vital aspects of the Apple ID creation process. If you have changed your primary email and you haven’t made that change in your Apple ID profile yet, it can lead to all kinds of problems and confusion.

What Are Some Reasons You Might Change Your Apple Id Email?

It might seem to you that if you never change your email address, then you’ll never have to go through the trouble of changing it in your Apple ID profile, and that is true. However, there are some occasions that arise where individuals feel like it’s the best move.

For example, it might be that your email address is being inundated with spam. A little spam is to be expected, but if you are getting a ridiculous amount, you might finally decide that enough is enough. Your email may also have been hacked. It’s not as common as it used to be, but it can still happen, particularly if you are using a service that is less than reputable. If this occurs, then you’ll definitely need to set yourself up with a new account.

You getting yourself a new job might be what it takes to get a new email address. Maybe your last email address is associated explicitly with the previous company for which you worked. Of course, an alternative to this problem is to use a personal email address when setting up your Apple ID email rather than a working one.

You also might decide at some point that you’re not as satisfied with your old email platform as you once were. There are some features that are unique to certain email service providers, and you may begin to feel that yours is lacking in some way, or you would be better served by going with a new one. Maybe you think that features exhibited by Hotmail, Google, Yahoo, or another well-known provider are better than what you currently have.

Make iTunes Purchases with Your Apple ID

An email address change is not that uncommon, so let’s go over how to make the change with your Apple ID if you’ve just gone through one or you’re about to do so.

Changing Your Apple ID Email is an Easy Process

Change Apple ID Email

As you’re getting ready to change your Apple ID email, the first thing that you should do is sign out of all the Apple services and devices that use it except for one. Whichever device you have, like an iPhone, iPad, etc. with which you are going to make the email address change, stay signed in with just that one.

Go to your Apple ID account page through the Apple ID website. Under the Account section, you will see the option to Edit. There, you should see a section titled Reachable At. This is a list that contains things like the email address, phone number, etc. that you used when you first opened up the new account.

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Assuming you were using a third-party email address and you’re switching over to a different third-party address, this is where you would do it. Once you have done so, you should get a confirmation email sent to the new email address, just like what happened when you first set up the account. You’ll need to verify the change by clicking on the URL link that you’ll find in the email that Apple sends you.

Occasionally, you might not see the email that is supposed to be sent to you automatically when you make this change to your account. If you don’t, then the logical thing to do will be to check your spam folder. Apple should be on the white list or the list of emails that are seen as being sent from legit entities, but occasionally an email will get mischaracterized by accident.

If you don’t see it in the spam folder, then you can also check the junk or trash folders. You can also check your archived emails or your deleted ones in case you misplaced it.

Finally, Sign Back In With Your New Apple Id Email

The last thing you’ll need to do to complete this process is to sign back into all of your Apple devices that you signed out of at the beginning of the process. You should now be able to use the updated Apple ID and see the new email address there. If you changed anything else, like your telephone number, credit card information, or new sign-in information, then you should be able to see all of that.

Generally speaking, this process is simple and straightforward. It shouldn’t take you any longer than a few minutes to do it. Many individuals go for years using the same email address associated with their Apple ID, and all of the other information might not ever change either. Still, if this is something that you elect to do, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to make the change and get back to enjoying all of your Apple devices.  

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