The 5 Best Waterproof iPhone Cases

Since 2015, all iPhones have come with some form of water-resistance. The keyword here is water-resistance. Even with the newest iPhones, Apple won’t use the term “waterproof.” That’s because iPhones are capable of withstanding a certain amount of time in the water. This is usually around 30 minutes at a depth of 1-2 meters. 

If you really want protection against water (and other elements), then check out our selections for the best waterproof iPhone case. 

Before We Begin: Freshwater vs. Seawater

All iPhones are rated for freshwater. Be aware that taking your phone into the ocean even with a case is surefire way to fry it in no time. The salt corrodes sensitive internal components. 

Unless a case is specific rated for saltwater, do not bring it to the ocean. And never bring an unprotected iPhone or other electrical device there no matter what your friends tell you!

1) LifeProof FRĒ SERIES

Text LifeProof iPhone Case

Amazon: $89.99

LifeProof is famous for creating cases that are both rugged and sleek. The FRE iPhone case series is designed to protect your iPhone at depths of 2 meters for up to an hour. This is not the case you’re going to go deep-sea diving with. But it gives you a lot more protection in a slim case. It’s both water and snow proof. So, you can take it on our next big skip trip or to the beach. 

The LifeProof case is also shockproof and rated to survive falls from 2 meters. Best of all, you can still control everything on your iPhone while it’s in the case. You’ll always have access to your lightning port, but the case is also wireless charging compatible. 

2) Dodge Heavy Duty Waterproof Case

Dooge iPhone Case

Amazon: $32.99 

Dooge’s case allows you to go even deeper. Rated IP69, the case is fully submersible up to 3 meters for an hour and up to 5 meters for half an hour. It’s also capable of withstanding 2-meter drops and shields your phone from dust, scratches, and other forms of precipitation while still supporting wireless charging. 

The case is slim and lightweight and also features a sturdy screen protector. You can still text your friends easily with its perfect clarity touch screen cover. It shields your iPhone camera lens with its special AR-coated optical glass. 

If you want an all-around solid waterproof case at an affordable price, then this an excellent option for you. 

3) Aquavault Floating Smartphone Case

Aquavault Floating Smartphone Case

Amazon: $24.95

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Most people don’t need a 24/7 waterproof case for their iPhone. If you want something simple, you can pop on your iPhone the next time you head out to the pool, the Aquavault’s Floating Smartphone Case is perfect for you. And since it’s not designed for one specific iPhone model, you can use on any device you have around. 

It’s a slide-in pouch for your iPhone that protects against the elements while still allowing you to text, scroll, and swipe as you normally would.  It has a handy neck strap, so you don’t lose it while you’re headbanging at a music festival. And if it does slide off in the pool or in the ocean, it floats, so you won’t need scuba gear to get your phone back. 

Aquavault’s case is not particularly sleek, but it can handle pretty deep dives making it an excellent choice for underwater photography. 

4) Catalyst iPhone Waterproof Case

Catalyst iPhone Waterproof Case

Amazon: $89.99 

If you want true water resistance, and don’t mind paying for it, the Catalyst iPhone Case is right for you. It’s rated up to 10 meters far surpassing most of its competitors. It sleek and features a clear case so you can still enjoy the look and feel of your iPhone. 

More than anything, it’s tough. Capable of withstanding 2-meter drop, you can take it swimming, skiing, hiking, or whatever you want to do. This is the case for seawater too. It will protect you even from that while still allowing your full phone functionality with all buttons, cameras, and easy access to your lightning port. 

The case also is designed to make sure you can still use your speakers so you can make calls and listen to videos like it’s not even there.

5) Shellbox Waterproof Case 

Shellbox Waterproof Case

If you want excellent protection for your phone and don’t want to shell out an arm and a leg, then Shellbox’s Waterproof case is perfect for you. It includes a built-in screen protector, heavy-duty frame while supporting wireless charging. 

What’s best about it is that it’s ultra-thin. It’s barely any thicker than iPhone cases not rated against water. 

For all-around affordable protection against a range of elements, the Shellbox has caught you covered. 

Bonus: Hitcase Pro Splash

Hitcase Pro Splash

Hitcase: $99.99 

Hitcase makes premium cases designed for the most adventurous types of people. They have the same amazing features like the cases mentioned above, including 2-3-meter depth support and superior protection against the elements. But their cases are also compatible with their line performance lenses for iPhone. 

If you want to make your iPhone, a true underwater photography beast, then look into their lenses and cases. 

The Best Waterproof iPhone Case: The Bottom Line

Nowadays, iPhones are more water and element resistant than ever. With that said, the cheapest iPhone still starts at $700. So, it just makes sense to give your iPhone a little extra protection when you’re headed out into the elements. 

Whether you opt for one of the cheaper cases or go all-out on one of the premium ones, the most important thing, you’ll be investing in the most important thing—the enhanced safety of your iPhone. 

For more on iPhone accessories along with tips and tricks, visit the Buyback Boss blog. To get a better sense of how waterproof your iPhone really is, check out this article about whether iPhones are waterproof or not. Click here to learn how to check if your iPhone is water damaged. 

We’ve also covered the topic for Samsung phones here. Explore everything you wanted to know about smartphones and technology on our blog now!

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