When Is the Best Time to Buy A Phone?

We’re all looking to save some cash on a new phone. And, depending on when you choose to buy, you can save hundreds of dollars. Read on to discover the hidden secrets of getting the best deals on phones. We’ll break down some of the key points on when to buy new, slightly older, and competing models. Check it out!

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The Quick and Easy Rule

It can get a little tricky perfecting your timing. Here’s the quick and easy rule that should get you a solid deal most of the time: 

  • Brand new phone – order during pre-order for the newest model 
  • Slightly older – phones between six months a year should be ordered between 2-4 weeks before the announcement of the newest model (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.). For example, Apple announces iPhones usually at the beginning of September. So you should purchase in August as many retailers will want to clear inventory. 
  • Older than 1 Year – Prices always drop in the months after releases. However, some models may be discontinued, So you’ll be unable to purchase new direct from the manufacturer. Keep this in mind when making your decision. 

Why Preordering is Best for a New Phone

Preordering a Phone

New phone models stay new for about a year. So you want to maximize your time in that window. But there’s also a cost-saving strategy to go along with this. 

During preorder you have two extra advantages: 

  • Many retailers offer incredible discounts and deals 
  • You’ll be guaranteed your phone at launch. You don’t have to wait weeks for it to hit store shelves. 

You want to preorder 2-4 days after the smartphone is announced. This means September for Apple and February or early March for Samsung. Not only will you be able to receive your device with 2-4 weeks you’ll also get great deals like buy one get one free or steep discounts. 

The Best Time to Buy Older Phones 

Older iPhones

You should buy an older phone a month or so before the announcement of the new models. This is because stores are clearing out inventory. Here are some of the deals that were available on iPhone 7s when the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released in 2017:

  • AT&T: Buy one iPhone 7, get one free
  • Sprint: Lease one iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and get an iPhone 7 (32GB) free
  • Verizon: Up to $250 trade-in credit when buying iPhone 7 or 7 Plus (with monthly payments)
  • T-Mobile: Buy an iPhone with an iPhone SE with finance agreements and get a $400 prepaid card

These are just a few examples. You can also find deals on Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and retailers at this time. 

The Best Time to Buy Competing Phones 

Another secret to getting phones is during competing releases. What this means is you should look for deals on Apple phones during Samsung releases and vice versa. For example, when Samsung began taking preorders for Galaxy S9, major telecom carriers had some awesome discounts on the iPhone 8: 

  • AT&T: Buy one get one free
  • Sprint: Buy one get one free with lease
  • T-Mobile: Buy one get one free with trade-in

At the same time, the iPhone 8 was still full price at the Apple store. Make sure to pay attention to these great deals. 

Seasonal Promotions 

Seasonal Phone Promotions

Don’t forget about seasonal promotions. You can find great deals on Cyber Monday, after Christmas, and in quiet parts of the sales year. Many retailers also offer back to school discounts and other promotions. Try to line one of the promotions with one of the ideal time opportunities from above. 

What if I don’t want to buy from a telecom provider? 

Telecom providers always offer deals to incentivize customers to sign long contracts. If you want an unlocked phone and the flexibility to use whatever career you want, you can still find great deals. And you don’t have to sign up for an expensive phone plan. 

The main question you have to ask yourself is whether you need the latest release or not. If you can wait a couple of months after the release of the newest phones, you can get a serious discount on last year’s top flagship models. 

Phones are more powerful than ever. Nowadays top tier phones will work great for years. You can also check refurbished phones. Factory refurbished phones have the advantage of directs parts and labor ensuring they are of the highest quality. 

When’s the Best Time to Sell My Phone?

Best Time to Sell my Phone

You naturally might be wondering if there is the best time to buy a phone, there must be the best time to sell one. You’re absolutely right. It’s quite similar. If you want to get the most value for your old phone, you should sell it in the weeks before a new model announcement. This means you’ll be able to hang out to your phone for the longest amount of time while getting the best price. 

The worst time to sell your phone is in the first two months after the announcement and release of a new model. Your phone’s value will drop significantly then. However, it will stabilize until the next big releases. This is particularly true for iPhone and Samsungs which have very dedicated followings. 

The release of a new Samsung Galaxy will not particularly diminish your iPhone’s value. But keep on top of surprise mid-year cycle releases. Occasionally the major manufacturers release different options like the iPhone SE 2 which hurts the iPhone 8 value. 

The Best Time to Buy a Phone

Best Time to Buy a Phone

Nowadays, it’s always a new phone season. If you’re looking for the best deals you should either pre-order for new phones or purchase older phones while retailers are clear out these models to make room for the new. Be sure to keep an eye out on seasonal promotions that can increase your savings. 

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And to discover more technology tips and tricks, visit the Buyback Boss Blog. Here you can learn about iPhone upgrade plans, what you need to know about phone pre-orders, and a whole lot more. Check it out now! 

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