Best Buy iPhone Trade-In Program – What You Need to Know

Each September, Apple unveils its newest iPhone models. With the latest features and designs, many people eagerly await these amazing updates. However, you may have one small issue—you probably paid a decent price for your current iPhone. So what do you do? Well, the easiest way is to sell your old iPhone to get cash for your new one. Best Buy offers a trade-in service for iPhones (and many electronics) to give you store credit you can then use to purchase a new phone. We’ll dive into how it works so you can if it’s the right choice for you.

How Does Best Buy’s iPhone Trade-in Program Work

Best Buy’s program is pretty easy to use. You simply browse over to their trade-in page and select your device. From here, you choose key details such as the model, storage capacity, carrier, and color of the phone.

 On the next page, Best Buy will ask you a few more questions including whether your screen is cracked or damaged along with the general condition of the phone. Finally, you need to make sure your phone has been totally reset and activation lock has been disabled. After you put in these details, Best Buy will generate a quote for you within a few minutes.

How Do I Know What Condition My Phone Is In?

Damaged iPhone

Best Buy distinguishes phones into these three categories:

  • Good: Shows signs of normal use
  • Fair: moderate damage, but fully functional
  • Broken: does not power on or function properly

After you do this, you add the phone to your cart. Unlike normal online checkout, you are given two options. You can either choose to trade in at the store or mail in your trade.

Carrier Programs vs Best Buy’s Trade-in Program

Carrier Upgrade Programs

Most major carriers offer some form of an upgrade plan. It’s important to remember, telecom companies make their money from their phone contracts, not necessarily from selling phones. Their goal is to lock you into the longest, most expensive contract possible. They also may not give you the best value for your old phone. They are under no pressure to offer you a higher resale value because you will be locked into a new contract anyway. 

It’s also important to read the fine terms of the agreement. When you first read about carrier upgrade programs, they sound pretty good. But there are many penalties and conditions you might not be aware of. For example, even if you are long term customer with Sprint whose account is in good standing, they can “may change or terminate this program at any time at Sprint’s sole discretion.” Sprint isn’t alone in this as the other major carriers have similar policies. 

Overall, selling your old phone through a trade-in program like Best Buy or a buyback service gives you the flexibility to choose who is your best option for you. This is particularly valuable if you plan to move to an area where one telecom service may not work as well as another. Finally, you can still take part in upgrade plans even if you sell your phone to a buyback service. In this way, you can have the best of both worlds by getting a discounted phone through a long term contract and selling your old phone for the highest price possible.

Best Buy vs. Other Buyback Programs

eCommerce exchange Compared to other options, Best Buy’s program isn’t great. Best Buy doesn’t offer a price match guarantee and generally offer much lower values compared to other options. Not only that, with Best Buy, you can only use the trade-in credit at a Best Buy. This means, if you find a better deal at another store, you’re out of luck.

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There are many buyback programs on the internet. Apple offers its buyback program, but you may not get the best deal for your phone. And generally, they only offer either discounts on new iPhones or Apple gift cards. So if you’ve decided to jump ship and buy the latest Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, then you’re out of luck. Amazon has its own trade-in program, but many people have found they don’t offer the best resale prices because they control their own marketplace. There is also a persistent rumor that Amazon Prime customers actually get a better deal than normal users.

As for dedicated iPhone buyback service options, there are a few options besides Buyback Boss, but you may do your homework first. Many of them do not have the same strong reputation built on customer service, ease-of-use, price transparency, and honesty. Remember with BuyBack Boss, you get the highest price guaranteed. So if you do find a better value for your phone, we’ll update your offer and you can still take advantage of our award-winning service.

Quick Tips Before You Sell Your Phone

Buyback boss makes it fast and easy to get cash for your old phone. You can get cash within just a few days. However, if you are able to, you should buy your new phone first. This will give you time to sync the devices so you can prevent data loss and ensure you don’t lose any of your purchases. Also, before selling your phone, make sure you completely erase it and remove it from your iCloud account to ensure your privacy and security. 

Why Buyback Boss is the Best Choice For You

iPhone X Upgrade

Let’s face it, selling your phone privately is do much work. You have to go on sites like eBay or Craigslist, deal with buyers who may not offer you the best value for your old iPhone, and oftentimes wait for quite a long time to actually get paid. So the best way to sell your phone is through a buyback program. As Best Buy is one of the leading electronics retailers in the country, you might be tempted to go with their trade-in service. Overall, it is easy to use, but it’s highly restrictive. Best Buy offers lower trade-in values compared to its competitors and you can only use the credit in-store. 

Likewise, while you might be tempted to go through your phone carrier, do note that this is often a way for them to lock you into long contracts. Not only that, in some cases they may not actually give you anything for your previous phone (or a very low offer instead). 

On the other hand, there are a variety of buyback services on the internet. However, none match the quality of Buyback Boss. Buyback Boss has a reputation built on trusted reviews, unbeatable customer service, quick and easy to use, and the highest price guaranteed. So what are you waiting for? Sell your old iPhone and upgrade to Apple’s latest options today!

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