Everything You Need to Know About the AT&T iPhone Buyback Program

It’s no longer as feasible to keep the most up-to-date smartphone in your hands. With every subsequent year comes the newest iPhone and Samsung iteration with more, larger cameras, faster processing power, and new and unheard-of features that make your current phone feel stale in comparison.

More than ever, it’s important to take advantage of buyback programs. These programs are the easiest way to convert your last generation smartphone into easy cash to put towards the latest and greatest device that’s calling your name. With smartphone prices easily exceeding $1,000, consumers are more eager than ever to try and subsidize the hit to their wallet. But which program should you use, and how does AT&T compare in such a competitive market?

What Are Buyback Programs?

ATT Trade in Program

Buyback programs have emerged during the last decade as a means to take advantage of the relatively new market of handheld electronics recycling. Chances are, even if your old device isn’t worth much to you, it has within it valuable parts that can be refurbished or scrapped at a profit for a company that has the means to do so. It’s also a great way to breathe new life into your phone—it can get into the hands of someone that doesn’t need the newest device with all of its bells and whistles, someone who’d rather pay less for a refurbished last-gen phone.

Beyond that, they’re a great way to recycle your device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. If your device is best served as scrap, a credible buyback program will dismantle your smart device into its bare components and recycle whatever it can’t use. That’s a good thing—the lithium-ion battery powering your wireless device is toxic and has no business in your trashcan, where it will find itself in a landfill.

For you, the consumer, a buyback program is ultimately all about the cash that goes to you in return for your phone. At Buyback Boss, we like to keep things simple—fill out our instant quote questionnaire, ship your device to us using a prepaid shipping label, and receive your cash. It’s that easy.

Are Buyback Programs Useful?

If you’re not familiar with the business model of the buyback program,it’s similar in a lot of ways to a vehicle trade-in at a dealership. But where our programs differ is in the competitive market of smartphone trade-ins. With manufacturers, carriers, and even retailers getting into the market of buying used smartphones, competition is fierce so it’s easy to shop around.

Not to mention, you’re not standing in a dealer’s lot with the added pressure of making a split-second decision about what your property is worth. With buyback programs, you have all the time you need to research, shop around, and make an informed decision regarding the value of your smartphone.

In short, buyback programs through AT&T and Buyback Boss are a great way of getting money for your used smart device in a streamlined and painless way.

How Does AT&T’s iPhone Upgrade Program Compare?

If you’re an AT&T customer, then it stands to reason that you should use their buyback program when it comes time to trade in your old device, right? While it would seem easy to work with your current carrier, it’s important to remember that buyback programs by their very nature of meant to be effortless and easy. With that said, it’s important to shop around and find the most competitive rate for your old phone.

Compare AT&T Trade in Program

Today, AT&T offers up to $346 for a 256GB iPhone X in mint condition, which is a generous offer. However, at Buyback Boss our current trade-in offer for that very same device is $420—with us, you get 22% more value for the same phone! Plus, it’s just as easy to get cash through our program as it is AT&T.

Other buyback programs may offer you more or less for your phone—the market fluctuates and values increase and decrease based on things like the age of the device (models devalue as they become older) as well as the current supply and demand of your particular device.

AT&T iPhone Buyback Program FAQ

Att Tradein Program Questions

It’s good to have questions—it shows that you’re interested in getting the most out of your phone. We’d like to demystify the buyback program concept as much as possible by answering some frequently asked questions with clear and concise answers.

What do you do with your phones?

Devices (that includes smartphone and tablets) sent to us are either refurbished for resale, responsibly scrapped, or sustainably recycled. No matter what your device is worth, sending it to a buyback program is a great way to ensure your device is responsibly disposed of.

What phones can be traded in?

That’s a hard question to answer. Most programs will typically take a device that is 4-5 generations old. If you have a device older than that, then you’ll probably need to do some research to find a place that will accept your phone, and even then, you may not be offered a monetary amount for it. At Buyback Boss we currently accept iPhone 5 models. AT&T stops at the iPhone 6.

What cosmetic condition should my phone be in?

Buyback programs will typically take any phone off your hands, regardless of its condition. However, you may not be offered cash for it. We have 6 cosmetic condition statuses that we go buy from “brand new” to “broken”. Broken phones are in such bad shape that they are rendered inoperable but, depending on the model, you may get some cash for it regardless.

How can I get the most value for my phone?

The value of your phone is contingent on a few factors that you have complete control of; cosmetic condition, model, and storage capacity. If you invest in a hardy phone case that protects your phone, have a more recent generation phone, and have invested in a higher capacity storage option then you’ll see more money when it comes to trading it in.

What is the typical waiting period to receive my money?

Most online programs will get you your cash 7 business days after you’ve shipped your phone. We need time to receive your device, process it, and send payment but we’ve streamlined our process to be as fast and efficient as possible. On the other hand, AT&T will allow you to trade your device in at a retail store for same-day cash even if you may not get as much money through their program.

Can’t I just sell my phone on Craigslist or eBay?

You can certainly sell your phone using sites like Craigslist and eBay, you may even fetch more money for it, assuming you’ve properly unlocked the phone from your carrier. However, using these services means you have to deal with potential buyers, who can be flakey or downright trying to con you. If you go this route, be safe!

How do I package my phone for shipping?

It may seem like an added aggravation to pack and ship your device. Just remember that, at Buyback Boss, we provide you with a prepaid label. And when was the lost time you bought something from Amazon? You probably still have that box laying around somewhere—it’ll be the perfect fit for your phone. Pack the box full of newspaper or circular flyers to protect it from the rigors of travel and you’re good to go!

AT&T is the Dealership You Don’t Have to Deal With

Cellphone carriers aren’t competitive—they already have the market share they need to rest comfortably on their laurels. They aren’t eager to get your business and they’re especially unexcited about your trade-in. They’ll offer you an okay price but it’ll more than likely be less than what you can get from a dedicated buyback program like Buyback Boss.

If you’re the type of person that likes to deal directly with the dealership, despite the added cost, then maybe AT&T is a good fit for your trade-in needs. However, the trade-in industry is a wide-open market rife with innovation and customer incentive. It’s best to shop around, do your research, and find a credible buyback program that will give you a competitive price for your device. You’re not stuck on a car lot and you don’t have to worry about the massive frustration of selling your phone—there’s an entire market out there eager to take it off of your hands.

Buyback Programs Aren’t Just Lucrative, They’re Sustainable

Lucrative ATT Tradein Program

We’ve done the work to create a sustainable business model that benefits everyone. You get fast, instant cash for your old smart device and we make a profit in refurbishing or sustainably disposing of your unwanted electronics. We’ve found a way to make what was once an industry of excess into something more friendly to the environment.

But at the end of the day, it’s about what we can do for you. At Buyback Boss, we pledge to have the best customer service and to give you a fair rate for your old device. Beyond that, we pledge to have a fast turnaround and an intuitive experience that gets you what you want, quickly—cash for your old phone.