5 Ways iCloud Can Make Your Life Easier

Hey, remember the last time you plugged your iPhone into your computer to sync them?

Huh… me neither.

iCloud is probably already making our lives easier in a million tiny ways, but good ain’t as good as great. Here are five ways you can actively harness its power to better your life:

Goodbye Dropbox

1. Lose Dropbox’s Number

Your personal piece of cloud can act as a virtual folder for storing anything and everything. To make it function like Dropbox, all you have to do is:

Turn on “Documents & Data” in your iCloud System Preferences.

Go to Finder. Enter Command + Shift + G and type in ~/Library.

Add items to the “Mobile Documents” folder like you would any other documents folder and you’ll be able to access them from any Mac set up with your iCloud account!

Save Bookmarks

2. Broadcast Your Bookmarks Across Devices

You know when you’re on a website and starting to fill out a and suddenly realize it would be so, so much easier on your laptop? Well, now you can put your iPhone down, swagger over to your laptop and type away. Never email yourself a link in an encouraging email again!

Enable Reading Lists on your Mac by checking off Safari in your iCloud settings.

Enable Bookmarks in your iPhone or iPad cloud settings.

Sync away! Just click the icon of a pair of glasses to save articles and webpages to the cloud. Only downside? You’ll need to use Safari, the lukewarm porridge of browsers, for it to work. Sorry.

No New Friends

3. Use iCloud Enabled Apps To Never Talk To Your Co-Workers Again

As well as storing files in your iCloud, you can sync across devices with a multitude of iCloud enabled apps.

Make sure Documents & Data is (again) enabled in your iCloud preferences.

Great! Every device with the cloud-enabled app will have access to documents created on any other device.

Good examples of this in action are apps like Apple’s Keynote and Pages, which allow you to collaborate on presentations and documents or simply to work on them seamlessly across devices.

Look At My Photos, Janet

4. Show Your Photos Off

Speaking of sharing between devices, the double-edged sword of Photo Stream (if you’re like me and take way too many pictures) is that it can use up a lot of space, but, boy, is it handy – especially if you want recent photos on another device. This is good if you’re someone who likes to edit photos, or stream them on your Apple TV for all to see.

Activate Photo Stream in your iCloud settings.

That’s all! Go ahead and make your sister sit through all of your vacation photos on a larger screen, or add devil horns to that ex you still have a photo of for some dumb reason. What a wonderful world we live in.

iPhone Knows All

5. Get Your Life Back

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that losing your phone – or, God forbid, your computer – sucks. iCloud is the home of the infamous Find My iPhone (or Mac) which will help you locate a lost or stolen device. iCloud is also where you turn if your device is (no, don’t say it) broken or gone for good. Back ups to the cloud allow you to restore a good portion of your data, documents, photos, settings, and so on.

Back up your iPhone often.

Enable Find My iPhone.

All of this is to say, iCloud can make your life better. It’s already on your Apple devices. Why not make the most of it?