10 iPhone Facts and Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

The first iPhone prototype was invented in 1983.

Of course, it looked nothing like the iPhone we’ve come to know and love, but that’s when the idea was first hatched.

There are 101 million iPhone users in the US

Since the population of the US is about 318 million, that means that nearly 1/3 of the population owns an iPhone.

Apple users download an average of 51 apps per minute.

That comes out to 26,805,600 apps per year!

94% of the smartphone industry’s profits go to Apple.

This is an impressive statistic on its own, but becomes even more impressive when you learn that Apple was only responsible for 13.5% of smartphones shipped globally in Q3 2015.

5. Americans spend about 26 minutes per day texting

Compare this to the fact the we only spend 6 minutes per day on voice calls.

Facebook is the most popular iPhone app of all time.

It’s followed closely by Facebook Messenger, YouTube, and Instagram.

On the first weekend the iPhone 6s and 6s plus launched, 50 devices were sold per second

That comes out to a total of 4,320,000 per day!

In 2015, 49% of new device activations during Christmas week were iPhones.

Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones.

That’s enough for each person in the United States to have two of the devices!

1/3 of US high school students now own iPhones

88% of these teens prefer texting to voice calls.

Apple Sells Over 200 Million iPhones Each Year

Apple launches a new iPhone model every September and fans are eager to get the latest model. Recently, customers have been able to take advantage of iPhone trade-in programs to upgrade faster!

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